Friday, March 7, 2008

Kimmer Lies to the AG Again

Today, I received a letter from the Attorney General of California with a response to my complaint about Kimkins. It was practically identical to the one Magicsmom received in January.

The "private reason" given on Kimkins' admin board, as sent to the AG, was a copy of a post on ALC that was made more than 4 weeks after I was banned.

I was banned on September 27th, and the post copied from ALC is dated October 22nd.

The Kimkins letter to the AG further states that "She still retains full usage of the Kimkins weight loss program including the diet, diet variations, food list, grocery shopping lists, recipe library, BMI calculator, calorie calculator and other diet aids. ". This is a lie. When trying to log in at Kimkins, I get a message that says:

And Tippy, you have always claimed that you had nothing to do with my banning. How come the "private reason" on Kimkins is a post about you that I copied to ALC from LCF? And what about the reference "per Jeannie"?


Prudentia said...

You know, I hope they hold off a bit longer with charging her with anything. The longer they wait, the cockier she becomes and the deeper she digs her own hole.

Go, Heidi, go!

MrsMenopausal said...

I agree with Prudentia. She's just adding more and more evidence against herself as time goes on and I, for one, appreciate it. heh

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OhYeahBabe said...

Has there been any update to the Magicsmom complaint? I know she present evidence that Heidi Diaz lied. Has anything happened since then?

I'm baffled by Heidi Diaz stupidity in lying again when it was so easy to prove last time. I realize that she's truth-impaired, but it seems like she'd learn from her mistakes and get better at the lying!

Linda said...

My normal response would be: "UNBELIEVABLE!". Except this is Heidi - totally believable where she's concerned.

mariasol said...

OYB - I have not yet talked with Magicsmom but intend to do so. I would assume she has not yet heard back from them.
What amazes me is that Kimmer went through all this headache to fabricate reasons for bannings on their admin board. In my case, she could just simply have told the AG that she sent me a refund and I refused it.

Magicsmom said...

OYB, I sent a response to the AG with all the proof they needed that Heidi had supplied a false and misleading answer to them. They further responded, saying they had done all they could do for me as a consumer. I take that to cryptically mean that they were sticking it in their file for consideration as a criminal case. They also met with John and the FTC about this, so I think there are things going on behind the scenes. But Marisol, I think you should do as I did and send all of this to John. It takes big brass cajones to lie repeatedly to the Attorney General. If they don't smell a rat by now, they're not paying attention.

mariasol said...

Thanks Magicsmom. Will do. Too funny with you and I talking via a blog. Like we didn't have other places where we are talking on a daily basis :)

Magicsmom said...

Yes, Mariasol, quite ironic. As for me, I'm killing a couple of hours at the Toyota dealership this morning. The saving grace is free wi-fi. ;-) All is good, except for Heidi. It must really suck to be her these days.

HoneyBee said...

Hi Mariasol!

I can't decide what I love more about this particular situation.
1) The fact that Heidi Lied again to the Attorney General's office
2) That the banning computer notes shows that Jeannie was responsible

I think it shows what we have said all along!
That Heidi is a lying liar that lies AND Tippy when you lay down with a liar it must be because you are cut from the same lying cloth.

Great Post Mariasol!