Saturday, December 1, 2007

Kimkins - Tippy gone Flippy, Again!

The other day, Tipsy left a lame excuse on Kimkins why she would no longer be posting. Of course, we all knew that with Kimkins' assets frozen, Tipsy was no longer paid and could not care less about the members she left behind.

Tipsy didn't waste any time in finding a new "home". Knowing that she had burned her bridges in most of the LC online community, she thought she might be accepted at Amy's Eating Low Forum. In her first post, she introduces herself as just another Kimkins refugee. What she omits is that unlike the other refugees Tipsy chose to support Kimkins and Kimmer AFTER the scam was revealed. All the others were duped at the time they joined and while it took them some time to leave (as they were reluctant to abandon the innocent members on the site), they eventually did when the evidence became too overwhelming. Tippy did not leave due to the scam. She left due to not being paid. To stay in order to support the remaining members was apparently of no importance.

Tipsy signed up at Amy's with another user name, but, when she was outed by LCF members, admitted in a PM that she was Tippy Toes. Initially, Amy graciously welcomed her, but the drama and conflict that Tipsy thrive on followed, and she might not be welcome there after all.

I am respecting Amy's request that no posts be copied from the board, but I can not resist commenting on them.

Amy stated that she felt Tipsy owed the members and apology and explanation. Tipsy responded:

The "apology":
I suppose I am expected to make some sort of apology but really I am not sure what I am supposed to say.
This statement leaves me speechless; I really don't know where to start.
She then basically goes on to say that she isn't sorry for anything she has done, except that she is sorry that "so many hate me."

The "explanation":
We all know Kimmer's accounts are frozen and she can no longer pay staff at all.
Kimmer told me she was in danger of losing her car. She had financed it to build credit and can no longer make the payments. She couldn't buy milk on her ATM card... And so I then learn from her own deposition that she had 1.6 million in cash, spent almost half a million on a house just prior to deposition, and that she bought two cars with CASH.
All the fraud is of no importance, but being lied to about money and not being paid is!

About bannings:
I am not comfortable banning members but I have banned a few. A small few. For the most part I would send a PM and ask what was wrong and try to work it out with the unhappy member behind the scenes and without banning them.
The "small few" included all the BANTA gals on LCF. We were all banned at the same time without having posted on Kimkins and none of us received any PM or warning. And was it a coincidence that we got banned shortly after Tipsy became admin and had figured out the ban button?

More on bannings, this time Tipsy's own from LCF:
I have been banned myself from LCF over an email to an admin who had part in ducky. I told her if the Ducky wasn't removed (and folks, Ducky was really bad and often untruthful and invaded personal lives with aggressive attacks) the next would be XXXXX exposed.
Does she honestly believe we feel sorry for her? SHE SENT A THREATENING EMAIL TO AN ADMIN! Not to mention that the admin has nothing to do with Ducky.

I will close with Tipsy's last sentence:
I can go back into the woodwork if you like and I am willing.

The rest of her "apology and explanation" is pretty much to show what a great job Tipsy did at Kimkins. The entire post can be read here:


Sheridan said...

Mariasol, I couldn't agree more with your comments about Tippy's "apology".

She mentions the "drama" from LCF, yet the "drama" from LCF has only ever existed because of lies, inconsistencies, and abominable behavior. Yes, there has been much drama, like when it was discovered that she attempted to blackmail an admin at LCF, or how about the time when she deliberately and maliciously tried to sabotage another member's weight loss progress? That's fodder for great drama . . . and she ALONE is responsible for creating it. That she is now trying to blame someone else (LCF, and Heidi, too, for that matter) just goes to prove she is still the same person who committed those vile acts. She doesn't show genuine contrition for the things she did. She's trying to place herself in a "victim" role.

No apology for her actions, it's all "I'm sorry Kimmer goofed up", "I'm sorry so many hate me" and "there's so many haters". No "I'm sorry I blackmailed an LCF admin", no "I'm sorry I deliberately tried to sabotage someone's weight loss".

That's NO apology.

The only thing she's sorry about is that the money ran out. Period.

mariasol said...

Thanks Sheridan. That was a great comment!