Thursday, February 7, 2008

Crazy Magic Chicken

I don't really know how to comment on what going on over at
Well, it's obvious that David Luper (or whoever it is) is mighty upset with yucky. For what, I have no idea.

It's not like the Magic Chicken Diet was making business and that blogging about it interfered with their plans. Or did it?


McKenzie anti-vlcd brigade said...

We're puzzled too, Mariasol. Nobody reads Yust Yucky except a few of our fellow bloggers and some of the fascination thread posters at LCF. And as far as we know the only people who read any of the REAL antiKimkins blogs, such as yours and the Medusa's blog, are people who either already know about the Kimkins scandal or people who are googling for information about it.

If they're googling for information about the Magic Chicken Diet, they're going to find the Lupers websites first. At least the main one -- -- looks good, and Bonnie's done a great job with her success story and photos. Those are going to appeal to people interested in the diet.

The fact remains however that it is a very low calorie diet, plain and simple. We know because we personally viewed the pdf copy of the diet. And you did the math -- it adds up to a vlcd, period.

It's not like we're pretending that the medical literature warns against vlcd's -- that literature is actually out there, in the public domain, freely available at hundreds if not thousands of informational websites all over the internet. And we've seen what has happened to the Survivors of another vlcd -- the Kimkins diet -- over the long term -- weakness, fainting, hair loss, loss of heart muscle, problems with kidneys and so forth.

We're not blogging about the Magic Chicken Diet for the sheer hell of annoying the Lupers. They're the ones who advertised for a "clone of". They're the ones who are charging people for their diet, sight unseen.

So Bonnie lost her burden of weight on her diet -- we're not disputing that. We're not disputing her claims to feel young and healthy and super duper. What we are disputing is Bonnie and David's claims to be utterly ignorant of Kimkins until after they hired somebody to clone it :) We're also disputing a couple of other items, which we'll be blogging about a.s.a.p.

One thing we're curious about is, why, after commenting here at your blog on the very day of the discovery of the MCD, did Bonnie and "Hulon" then vanish, never to be heard from again? Did they assume they had answered everyone's questions, cleared up all the confusion, and shut everyone up? 'Cause if that's what they assumed, man did they assume wrong.

anonymous2008 said...

Bob & Dougie, they're mad they can't nail you for posting that laughable diet, so people can see what they would have paid for!

Anonymous said...

I can't find where to purchase magic chickens, and the other kind get hard to choke down after a couple days. Bonnie must also have a hidden supply of will power to go 10 months on a VLCD. Or the euphoric feeling of self-control that accompany anorexia.
She gave away her own show by using "chicken" in her headlines, but it's the magic part most dieters want to buy!

mariasol said...

LOL, anonymous. According to Hulon, self-described as the SIL, she bought lots of Costco canned chicken. No wonder she lost weight.

mariasol said...

mc kenzie - What can I say, Bob and Doug are apparently widely popular. But why does she/he call you two an "old lady"? And why I am called a group? Medusa as well. As much as I would like to have co-authors to my blog, none has volunteered as of yet.