Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kimkins Food

Apparently, even Kimmer thought this Kimkins K/E meal I showed the other day looked miserable. But at least it was MY photo and cooked according to K/E rules with the suggested serving size of 4 oz (raw weight!).

This is what Kimmer said on Kimkins blog today, answering a question whether to do K/E or regular Kimkins:

I prefer original Kimkins because I love veggies and the variety that it gives for low carb cooking. Imagine a plain chicken breast that you plan to grill. OK, but how many can you eat day after day? What about this instead:

  • 1 chicken breast
  • chicken + peppers & onions = fajitas
And in standard Kimmer fashion, the photo is taken from a regular recipe found on the web. (Edited: The original picture is found here.)
Looks good, doesn't it? With tortillas and sauces on the side. And plenty of chicken and veggies.

Spending a few minutes in Photoshop, adapting this recipe to Kimkins Diet guidelines results in this picture:

Doesn't look that good anymore, does it? And I still have been generous as this is probably more than 4 oz of chicken and the 1 cup veggies allowed.

Fitday for this meal gives: 136 calories, 2 grams fat, 12 grams carbs, 18 grams protein


OhYeahBabe said...

You are so good! You could take some of the shine off those veggies, since they're prepared without fat. :grimace:
My blog: Kimorexia

mariasol said...

OYB - I agree that both the chicken and the veggies are fried in oil. Look at how dry my piece of meat looks.

MrsMenopausal said...

Once again Heidi manipulates reality. So glad you showed it for what it truly would be KK style. Great job!

Yust Yuckers said...

Absofreakingly brilliant Mariasol!

We're so blown away by this we're gonna type a whole bunch of exclamation points here !!!!!!!!!!

:) Seriously though WOW what a way to show the Kimkins diet for what it really is.

BallBuster said...

Does Heidi really think it's OK to keep stealing photos to serve her purpose? I found the original photo for her "Delicious Cheese & Spinach Stuffed Chicken",com_myblog/show,delicious-cheese--spinach-stuffed-chicken.html/Itemid,94/

It's from a recipe found here - and has a whole lot more than chicken breast, spinach and part skim mozzarella!

BallBuster said...

here's the other photo and the recipe Heidi stole -

mariasol said...

ballbuster - Great find! Yes, obviously Kimmer thinks it's OK to take her pictures from wherever. I found the second picture on that recipe (where the chicken is assembled) on a COPYRIGHT site!

mariasol said...

ballbuster - I see that you found the 2nd photo as well, but on another site. However, looks like actually PAID for it as they have the text "delspringpeep.jpg image by photoki"

BallBuster said...

Oh it's a copyrighted photo alright and not by "delspringpeep" either. Photoki is a photo storage/sharing site. Upon further investigation the poster stole it from

The photo is copyrighted by Simon Smith who is represented by Dorling Kindersley

Del (delmoki) of likes stealing recipes and images from Kimkins too (who in turn stole them from Amy of Eating Low)

Prudentia said...

Marisol, you and your photography inspire me so! And I was quite tempted to make up those menus I wrote about in my latest blog and photographic them but didn't want to steal any of your brilliant thunder! Do you think you might do up breakfast or dinner of my Dieter A?

Of course, she was brand new, because Bonnie herself says that once her stomach started to shrink she could only eat half of it, and would nibble on the rest through out the day. She didn't say if that half replaced afternoon snack, though.

Anyway, great job you are doing!