Sunday, February 10, 2008

Magically Crazy Chicken

The Magic Chicken Diet site that was made into a Kimkins clone has been a source of mystery since it was found a couple of months back. A few days ago, someone that is intimately familiar with the Chicken Lady, Bonnie Luper, made a number of disturbing posts on the "sister site", What the purpose of this is, I have no idea.

The posts are made to look as if they were written by Bonnie's husband, David. David, or whoever poses as him, indicates that we bloggers think that Bonnie should have stayed fat and that we are trying to prevent her from selling her diet and making a success of her site.

What are we interfering with? There has been no marketing at all of the Magic Chicken Diet, unless you count what has been written on our blogs. Nobody can find the site unless they would happen to stumble over it on a google search, and it would be buried pretty deep unless you were specifically looking for Magic Chicken. And when finding the site, what would convince you to part with your money? Bonnie's success certainly seems real, but she is just one person without any credentials and can only offer advice based on her own experience, which mainly seems to be eating chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Is there a maintenance plan? Anybody can lose weight by starving herself, but how is the weight loss going to be sustained? Is Bonnie still eating as she did when she lost the weight? I would think so. Seems like a miserable, and unhealthy, way of life to me.

And, our problem is not with Bonnie, it's with Bonnie's diet. It's eerily similar to the Kimkins starvation diet, and while people have the right to eat how they choose, should they not at least be informed of what they are getting before they pay the $59.95 membership fee for this site?

Here is an example of a day's menu:
Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 turkey sausage
snack: 1 plum (2")
Lunch: 1 can of tuna with 2 pickle spears
Dinner: 1 can of chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, cheese with a small side salad
Snack: 1 SF jello (The menu called for 1 SF popsicle but I couldn't make myself buy it. The sugar alcohols from just one would have me in agony in the bathroom for hours.)

There is a recipe for the dinner casserole:
Drain chicken and mushrooms
Arrange everthing on a plate, put cheese on top (less than 1 carb) and microwave until hot.
(I didn't cook it as just the thought of canned chicken makes me nauseous. I'll feed the can to the dog. My cat likely would refuse it.)

Totals for one day:
Calories 612
Fat 18
Carbs 24
Protein 77

According to Bonnie, the diet guidelines are 800 - 1200 calories per day. This suggested menu is very specific in amounts, and only provides 612 calories.

This is just another starvation diet, just like Kimkins.


Medusa said...

Another absolutely superb post, Mariasol.

Your picture of the MCD's daily rations is startling.

Hope your dog doesn't suffer any ill effects from the canned chicken (blech). I'd be like your cat, heading for the hills at one look at that minced-up can of chicken goop. :^)

I'll be linking to your post later today :^)

My blog: Medusa

Anonymous said...

One pix = 1000 words, but not 1000 calories. There's this huge divide between the stated calorie count, and actual suggested rations. The math stinks. The diet isn't any better than Kimkins, and it wafts an unpleasant chickeny odor behind. The ONLY real difference between the 2 diets are the final pix of their founders. Apparently. We're not even sure of anything at this point, except that we'd be unhappy on starvin' chicken rations.

Yucky's Anti-MCD Brigade said...

Stunning, to actually SEE the Magic Chicken Diet as it's written by its "creator" -- another wannabe diet messiah who knows nothing about calories or "nutritionalism" :(

mariasol said...

What really disturbed me with this menu, apart from the low calories, is that it's based on canned food. Can you imagine to eat like this for 10 months like Bonnie did?

OhYeahBabe said...

Wouldn't you need to keep eating like that to maintain the loss? Ew. I don't know how Bonnie could stick to this for the 10 months - between being hungry, eating food that tastes nasty, losing hair, and all that wrinkly saggy skin, it seems like she'd have decided it was just not worth it. I know I would!

Martina's Bar and Grill said...

Good post Marisol,

Hell they think Im some guy named "HULON"...Silly people,
Take Care

Anonymous said...

59.95? We thought it was 69.95.

Just wondering.

mariasol said...

anonymous - You are absolutely right, $69.95 it is.

Yucky's $69.96 Store said...

What? We're actually right about something? hey awright!