Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kimkins still a VLCD Diet

Despite recent efforts to try to "clean up", Kimmer is still pushing very low calories.

For the pinky swear challenge that started yesterday, February 1, Kimmer had promised to share some weight loss "secrets". She announced the first "secret" yesterday; eat like a post-op WLS patient!

This is what she said:
"I'll share a secret with you: the diet that gastric bypass and lapband patients follow after surgery is very Kimkins like. lsn't it better to do the diet and skip the surgery?
We've got quite a few tummy surgery members. It's not a fix-all and some people regain the weight because they find foods that are easy to eat after surgery (milkshakes, candy, mashed potatoes/gravy, Twinkies ... )
[That would be Kimmer, talking from her own experience. We believe that she did have WLS surgery years ago, lost some weight but then regained it all.]

It's always an option if you decide to go that way and there's nothing wrong with having it done if you and your doctor agree it's the way to go. How about surprising yourself and stick to Kimkins for a month and see for yourself? The Kimkins Shake Option is nearly identical to the post surgery liquid diet. And be sure to take a good quality multivitamin. I go with generic Centrum from Wal Mart (some ladies use prenatal)."

Kimmer is suggesting that Kimkins members do shakes only for a month! And where is the recommendation to see your doctor? VLCD's (very low calorie diets) should never be attempted without medical supervision.

The most frequently recommended shake on Kimkins is EAS Advantedge, Carb Control. Each shake provides 100 cals, 4 carbs. The maximum allowable number of shakes for Kimkins Shake Option is 4, i.e. a total of 400 cals per day!

Note also that all the "over-the-counter" shakes on the market clearly state that they are not intended as meal replacements, just for protein supplementation.

For an informational post about a REAL WLS diet, please see BamaGal's post at Diary of a Mad Housewife.

On a similar note, I received a report about the Admin sock puppet Gary. He listed his menu and made the comment that if he found that the calories were less than 800 when plugging them into Fitday, he would add a handful of nuts as a snack. This is a 200+ lbs, 6'3" man that is on maintenance since several months back! 800 cals? Is that what a Kimkins dieter has to look forward to in maintenance? Obviously.


Yucky's Anti-Gary League said...

Great stuff, and we're always glad to hear some updated news about "Gary" -- one of Kcom's most enduring mysteries.

Yucky's Anti-Gary League said...

Great stuff, and we're always glad to hear some updated news about "Gary" -- one of Kcom's most enduring mysteries.

Anonymous said...

If eating like she normally recommends is a big secret for Heidi, I can't wait to see what she terms her depositions and lawsuit. Oh, right! The Unmentionables! Her secrets are no secrets, but are a common advertising ploy. (Everyone loves a secret - makes 'em feel like a member of the In group.) OK, here's my secret - Heidi's time as head of the Kimpire is very limited. You have my permission to blab this "secret."

mariasol said...

Gary supposedly has started exercising - WATP with Leslie Sansone. It's probably a good thing that his 90 yo dad is deaf and blind. No offense meant, I just believe that Gary and his dad are "fictional charactors."

OhYeahBabe said...

Why is this self-alleged diet professional using words like tummy and potty? Sheesh. It's an interesting way to camouflage her hazardous advice, I guess.
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