Friday, February 22, 2008

Diet Founder

Does it matter if a founder of a Diet is following his/her own program, and has been successful on the diet?

For the current Kimkins followers, it doesn't seem so.

Unlike founders of popular diet programs such as Atkins, the South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, this particular diet "guru" has failed at her own program and has not lost weight. Even the ridiculous Magic Chicken Diet was founded by someone that, by all accounts, did lose weight, even if she didn't do it in a healthy manner.

At the height of the Kimkins "craze" last summer a PI took the below picture of Kimmer. Why would anyone take diet advice from this woman? Does she look like she knows what she is talking about? Does she look like she ever lost weight and managed to maintain her weight loss for some time? Does her image represent the results from the Kimkins diet?

Remember that Kimmer promoted this diet for 8 (eight) years, without being successful on it. Why does she still believe in this diet? She never could follow it. She never lost weight on it, except a few pounds that were quickly regained. Has not her results (or rather lack of results) proved to her that the diet does not work and is not sustainable long term?

After Kimmer was forced to stop using fake pictures, of herself and other "success stories", she resorted to Plan B: Elicit sympathy from other dieters that well know how easy it is to fall off the wagon and "regain" weight. Now the message changed from "do what I say to accomplish what I did" to "do what I say and we'll lose weight together". It's just that Kimmer doesn't seem to be losing weight, unless you believe her doctored pictures. So is the message really "do as I say because I say so"? Why would you?

And what is the purpose of the latest addition to the Kimmer pictures? Even if it is her, why is it relevant that she at one time, 35 years ago, was not obese? What does that have to do with the Kimkins diet? Will you pay me $79.95 if I put up a picture of myself as a teen?


Mayberryfan said...

Great post! Kimmer is the queen of "do as I say, not as I do" diet plan. I just hope she doesn't kill somebody before the law puts Kimkins out of business!

Thanks for reminding us what a truly horrible fraud Heidi Diaz is.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't believe in this diet. She only believes in her ability to con people into paying her to teach them how to risk their health on this diet.

OhYeahBabe said...

She still believes in it because it still behooves her (financially) to do so. Once it doesn't any more, she'll start up a new scam/diet. I'm not just dissin' - she said so!
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