Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kimkins Blog

Kimmer's blog posts have been very poor lately. Going from counting calories in lettuce to pointing out that nutrition labels on Ritz crackers are wrong. The latest post is announcing:

"A few days ago Good Morning America did a segment on whether food nutrition labels are accurate. Guess what! They aren't and the US government only does random checks.

Diane Sawyer and crew sent Ritz crackers, David's sunflower seeds and Wonder bread to an independent food lab for analysis. Wow, were the labels wrong!

* Ritz crackers - 36% higher in sodium than shown

* David's sunflower seeds - 23% higher in saturated fat than shown

* Wonder bread - 70% total fat not the 11% shown"

How is this relevant to the Kimkins Diet? None of these items are on the allowed food list.
Ritz crackers and Wonder bread are too high in carbs and sunflower seeds too high in fat (and too high in carbs; remember - no fiber reduction!).

And if you stick to the recommended dry chicken breast, canned tuna and egg whites for a total of 500 - 800 cals per day, I can't see you would be that worried about nutrition labels anyway.

Is Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz running out of low carb news to write about? Or doesn't she care anymore? I can't see that she has that many readers of her blog, except the ducks. Surely the remaining members in the kimpound would not still be there if they ever ventured outside the safe confines of the board.


MrsMenopausal said...

Maybe Heidi's goal is to show that fraud exists outside of the confines of Kimkins, too.

See this? I'm not the only one pulling the wool over your eyes and scamming you.

Or, maybe it's to keep them afraid of eating anything other than the foods she allows.

My money is on the fear factor.

theTRUTH said...

Running out to get some sunflower seeds. We loves us some saturated fat!

mariasol said...

Truth - I agree, nothing wrong with saturated fats.

mariasol said...

MrsM - Do you really think it was that profound? To me, it seems that she is getting tired of writing blog posts. They get shorter and shorter and less "substance" in them. With this one, she didn't even stay on topic.
But yes, you could be right. Kimmer likes to blame everybody else.

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MrsMenopausal said...

You're probably right, Mariasol. She's probably exhausted. How's a fraudulent diet guru supposed to find the energy to blog about her multi-million dollar diet while collecting super secret documents to produce for the lawsuit, posting advice about the evils of lettuce not measured in jello cups,and pinky swearing all at the same time?
Somethin's gotta give.