Friday, April 25, 2008

New Kimkins Sock Puppets

I believe there is a large number of sock puppets on Kimkins and that Kimmer, SingingLass, Gary and possibly other loyal minions are busy keeping them all "alive".

While the earlier sock puppets mainly acted as cheerleaders and motivators ("Keep up the good work!", "I lost 20 pounds in 10 days!") the new breed is aimed towards keeping people at Kimkins.con despite the controversy.

A number of newbies or returning dieters are posting things like:

"I know about the controversy. I don't care. This diet is the only thing that is working for me. I've tried other lowcarb boards but they don't accept me there."

[Paraphrasing here as I do not have access and rely on secondhand reports.]

They are trying to tell the few remaining kimkinites that the only place "safe" and "friendly" for them is kimkins.con.

That is not true. The many free boards have challenges where any kimkins member would be welcome, even if they stay with low fat and low calories.

Just join one of the LCF Stillmans challenges and skip the dairy. It's the same thing.

Or, the LCF "Meat and Egg" challenge. Those girls are doing "Kimmer's Experiment (K/E)" but just not using the Kimkins label for it.

Amy Eating Low is another place where it's "safe" to do Kimkins.

Why stay at Kimkins.con? Continue to support the fraud? Having to watch what you are saying not to be banned? Not knowing how many of your friends are "fictional characters"?

Doesn't it bother them that prominent, long-time members leave or get banned? That Kimmer herself doesn't show the "turbo weight loss" she promises? That there is a pending lawsuit?

Will they stay until Kimkins.con is inevitably shut down? Why? Why not leave now?

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MrsMenopausal said...

I don't get it either, Mariasol. When all this was just coming to light is one thing but after all that's been exposed, all the Heidi has admitted to, how anyone supports her (and yes, I believe remaining at the site is supporting Heidi Diaz) remains a mystery to me.
That's selling your integrity, IMO.