Saturday, April 19, 2008

Try Again, Article Gems

It was just brought to my attention that there are two Article Gems sites. The owner quoted below,, has in fact removed all Kimkins articles.

The three Kimkins articles we found reside on They have not even responded to emails sent to them.

Sorry about the confusion.

In a comment to Kimkins Scam, the owner of Article Gems said:

"Did I not take the time (half a day) to investigate what you said, to ask for further information - search through 50,000 articles to find what you were talking about - none of which I’m obligated to do. Yet I did it because I try to run a quality directory and I care about fellow human beings."

This was in response of Article Gems first being pointed out as an article service that did not initially agree that Kimkins' articles violated the TOS. However, eventually the articles were removed and we updated our blog posts to reflect this.

But it seems that the "half a day" work was all in vain. The article site is still picking up weeds. As pointed out by an observant weed chasing duck to me this morning, there are at least three Kimkins articles on the site today:

Kimkins search

Instead of manually removing them after the automatic article generator program has picked them up, perhaps try to tweak the settings in the program so it doesn't pick up articles with a Kimkins tag?

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