Friday, April 25, 2008

Kimkins Yoga

The Kimmer:
Re:My NSV (Non Scale Victory)! 3 Days ago
XXXXXX, so this is where the Non Scale Victories are hanging out!

I love NSV, because even when that darned scale doesn't cooperate, you know you're losing when rings fall off, shoes get too big ... or you can walk a flight of stairs without gasping for breath! My sister gave me a pair of velour yoga pants (me?) that were too snug. I left them folded in a drawer and figured "some day". Well, now is the day! Hoping to outgrow them soon!!!

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Mayberryfan said...

Oh you're sure to outgrow your yoga pants soon, Kimmer. After all, sugar cookies and Cap'n tend to put on the pounds!

Besides, I think orange jumpsuits are MUCH more your style.