Thursday, April 10, 2008

What do Kimmer and Sam Redman Have in Common?

Kimmer has bragged about writing articles for many years under different pen names, some of them male. Could one of them be Sam Redman? The new poster at LCF that came in as her supporter the other day? The same Samuel that defended Kimmer on ALC when the controversy started?

I don't know the answers to these questions but would like to share parts of a post by Sam Redman from 1999. (Click on the link for the full text. I took the liberty to cut out most of the ramblings and inserted paragraph breaks for readability.)

His musings were in response to the question:

What do you like to do when you play hooky?

..........I could earn money as a writer, but I always felt dishonest about it because i was never writing anything I believed in or in any kind of style that I knew as my own, but I was always willing to prostitute the ability which came from some internal fount that I have never understood, just so I could continue to be, to exist to, always in my mind, do nothing.

I was just about to run out of my last stash of money, which I had gotten by my usual method of journalistic deception..........

.......I spent the next afternoon studying the various geography texts so that I was completely familiar with one particular area.

Then I sat in my apartment........I began to recount the dishonest adventure stories of my personal experiences...........or any other wild and crazy adventure that caught my mind's eye, often stimulated by studying the massive catalog which I had gotten from the Image Bank or other such photography service.

I would look until I found a photo or especially a series of photos and then I would escape to flights of fancy and perhaps an hour later a finished manuscript would emerge, written by one of my alter egos.........

So work for me has always been something I have done on a lark, in a spurt of prostituted inspiration in order to survive, and has really been what I do on my time off, my "day off" in the terminology of the workaday world. And so as my money ran out I looked for yet another writing scam........

-- Sam Redman (sam @ samredman . com), October 05, 1999

While this is supposed to be fiction, doesn't it look as if it describes Kimmer's method to create sockpuppets?

Prudentia has an ongoing discussion about who and what Sam Redman is.


Anonymous said...

well Good Grief, that sure sounds like her huh.

Great Detective Work!
Greater still that you did all that reading...all that reading of his hideously boring monotonous drivel.
Thanks for sparing me gf!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very interesting and astute observations, indeed.

I recognized Sam Redman's style immediately, and believe there are more than a few striking similarities to Heidi Diaz.

The writing style, phrasing, attitude, etc. is exactly the same, in my opinion.

Wonder why he (she) hasn't commented on yours or Prudentia's blogs????? All this, and poor just boggles the mind....

Great job on your detective work and great blog in general.

NancyElle from LCF

mariasol said...

Scary isn't it? Is Heidi everywhere? Sock puppets created long before there was a How many did I talk to on LCF?

Heidi never commented on blogs, at least not under her own name. Sam obviously agrees with her about this as well.

Thanks for the comment about my blog.

Anonymous said...

I bet Heidi has commented more than anyone knows, under the guise of another identity. Isn't that her MO????

Indeed, there are many sock puppets, I'm sure. Ones that have not even been detected, perhaps.

I have a radar now, and am always on alert...(I'm almost ashamed to confess, but, so be it.)

Sam,Sam,Sam.......I wouldn't be surprised if some new identity comes up, defending both him and Heidi! NOTHING and I mean NOTHING surprises me anymore....


theTRUTH said...

Tom should ban this douche.

Anonymous said...

My my conspiracies everywhere. Really not everyone on the net, with an opinion on this Kimmer person is Heidi. Do you all really think so? Seems Mr. Redman has been pretty up front as to who he really is, unlike Ms. Diaz.

Yucky's Opinion Factory said...

We've decided to go with Occam's Razor du Jour, and pretend -- to save time & energy -- that this "Sam Redman" is the real Sam Redman. Real or fake -- the main thing is, he's wrong. Wrong for the role of Don Verbose Quixote, wrong-headed, and just plain wrong.

Medusa said...

"Don Verbose Quixote"

Yucky, thanks for the big belly laugh :^)

Mariasol, you are one dedicated sleuth to have read all of Sam's writings without your eyes glazing over and your head hitting the monitor. My hat's off to you.

Personally, I like short, snappy writing, e.g. "It was a dark and stormy night." :^)

mariasol said...

Medusa - Thanks, I skim a lot. But if Heidi = Sam I can understand why she never got published beyond smaller magazines.

mariasol said...

Anonymous said:
"My my conspiracies everywhere. Really not everyone on the net, with an opinion on this Kimmer person is Heidi. Do you all really think so? Seems Mr. Redman has been pretty up front as to who he really is, unlike Ms. Diaz."

Unfortunately, this is what "this Kimmer person" aka Heidi has done to us. If it isn't a close friend that has proven herself to me, I don't trust anybody on the net anymore.
I did a post about paranoia a while back. I admit to being paranoid. Thanks to "this Kimmer person".

In addition, I have such a hard time accepting coincidences:
- Sam turning up on LCF to defend "this Kimmer person" at the exact time Jimmy was hacked
- Sam's writing style resembling the well known style of "this Kimmer person"
- Sam's musings describing exactly and in detail how I thought "this Kimmer person" created her sock puppets (research writing style, research geography and make sure to refer to it often)

I'll stick to the "conspiracy" theory until proven wrong.

Yucky said...

We know there's a real person named Sam Redman. We're not sure the person using that name and persona at LCF is the real Sam Redman. So we're gonna refer to the LCF person as "SamLCF".

Yucky said...

Re the paranoia and conspiracy theories -- so many of us through the course of either being personally victimized by Kimmer, or knowing and caring about people who have been victimized by Kimmer, have developed a real mistrust, even perhaps paranoia, and a cynicism that affects us on so many levels.

This inability to trust is real and it's sad and it's totally understandable -- to everyone except people like this SamLCF who hasn't been personally affected or who doeesn't have friends who've been personally affected.

SamLCF isn't the only person who has used the word "haters" when referring to Heidi's victims and those who care about those victims. If the victims seem to hate it's because they are in a very real sense the walking wounded -- and if other people in the antikimkins community seem to hate it's hatred of evil and what evil has done to people they care about.

It's not like any of us have only this one wounding in our lives, and the impact of only this one evil.

What SamLCF and other critics of the antikimkins community are seeing is the honest, impassioned and natural response -- real hurt, real anger -- and a real attempt to right a wrong. It may not seem like a big wrong to "outsiders", and it may not seem like a big wrong compared to other wrongs in this world. But it's a wrong that has affected so many of us on a personal level, and unlike so many, many wrongs this is a wrong that we think we can do something about.

Anonymous said...

I never really thought Sam and Heidi were the same person at LCF, but I did believe that he might be a "hired gun" to create a big diversion or just to yank the ducks' collective chain.

Whatever - whoever - he is, I hope never to cross paths again with such a bloated bag of hot air. As my 10-yr-old niece would say - "BORRRR-ing!" - Mayberryfan

MrsMenopausal said...

YY said "Don Verbose Quixote"

Apparently the fraud and deception is too demanding for one persona to handle alone, which has resulted in an introduction to the devious and perfidious nature of cotton, wool, and nylon.

IMO, paranoia is justified.

My blog: Weighing The Facts

Anonymous said...

Sam Redman has a bit of a reputation as a gambler.

He was quite active at Gamblersglen under the handle dozenbetter, guestposter, bo hawkins and skelter. He also posted as Rosco at the now defunct VIP site.

He is well know in the gaming circles, and plays at the Turning Stone Casino NJ, he also claims to be a scientist, has invented software or Ezian in CA.

He did have a web site with some of his writings posted, which now can only be viewed through carried a few pictures of this old man.