Friday, April 11, 2008

Kimkins Hacked!

The mysterious Sam Redman that recently appeared on the LCF scene has hacked into kimkins.con and hosts a fully live kimkins front page on his server.

He didn't just make a screen shot like I have here. He copied the entire page, with all design templates, images, page elements, style sheets and modules. It's a clone of kimkins.con front page.

Just in: Reportedly, there is a virus on You might not want to go there.

While the page itself resides on all the links on the navigation bars lead to the real kimkins.con server. (On my screen shot, I hovered over "Kimkins Vegas 2008" and you can see that the link goes to kimkins.con server.)

The question is why he did this. To show that he can? Or did he have Heidi's cooperation so there wasn't a hack in the first place?

He even makes the underlying directories accessible on Normally you wouldn't do this. While they reside on the server, they are not made viewable to the public.

Note: I can not take credit for this discovery. I had been to several times and did see the kimkins web page. I just didn't pay attention to the address bar where it was obvious that I was still on sam redman's site. I just thought it was a link to but so what? Strange, but not more than that. Not until a Duck on LCF pointed it out to me did it become obvious what he had done.

What a team effort this is!


Anonymous said...

Why DOES Sam want our attention so badly? I don't know and I don't really care at this point. I'd just like to forget he exists.
- Mayberryfan

Yucky said...

Way to go, Nancy Drews! Absofreakinglylutely excellent sleuthing you guys!

wow wth is LCFSam thinking?!

Anonymous said...

I don't think this means that much at all. I think (for whatever reason) all he did was choose "file save" on his browser, and chose to save as "webpage complete". At least those are my options using firefox, maybe internet explorer has different options.

I do know that when saving a complete webpage, it creates/saves all the images/stylesheets/links etc. in folders exactly as sam redman has on his website.

So, while it is strange that he saved this to his server, it doesn't mean that he has Heidi's permission, nor does it take much effort to do so.

Just my 2 cents.

mariasol said...

anonymous - You are right. I just tried it and got most of it, but not all. The question is still WHY would he even bother to do this.

Anonymous said...

Mariasol- He seems like a pretty odd dude, IMO- who knows why he does anything? I sort of agree with Mayberryfan- in my mind, he seems like an uber-troll... just trying to muck up trouble for "fun".

Medusa said...

Excellent question, Mariasol.

My blog: Medusa

Elle said...

Mariasol -- I just checked out his page, using a proxy and there is a virus on there. My anti-virus software caught it right away, but you may want to check your own system and put up a warning. It's a Trojan, and the file name is 0000001c.js.


mariasol said...

Thanks Elle. I put a warning and removed the link.
My virus check didn't pick up anything though. But I know he loads a cookie from there, but most other sites do as well. Still, better safe than sorry.

theTRUTH said...

Yeah, that's not hacking. Wonder what he is up to though? He probably loves all this attention. Uber-troll sounds about right.

Elle said...

In fairness, it may not be Sam's fault -- for all I know, it could have come through the proxy I was using though it blocks executable scripts. It came up while I was looking through the images directory, so not sure what the heck was going on.


2BIG said...

Good catch team Marisol.

Have you seen his forums? Makes you wonder even more about him.

samredman dot com/discuss/viewtopic.php?t=1
this is the getting started page

As you might guess, Sam Redman doesn't want to have conversations with the general public, but has created this discussion area for exchanges with specific people. (Sam doesn't generally speak of himself in the third person... but it seems apropos for this situation.)

These forums are actually just a substitute for email (which has so many failings). The advantages primarily are:

a. They are private (only viewable by those with the username and password). Your forum can be seen by only you and Sam Redman (unless it is mutually agreed to invite others).

b. Only after you login, will your forum will be shown to you (and you can then enter it and post). You will be unable to see other private forums and others can't view yours. Logging out will show you the view from the general public's perspective.

c. Topics can be started and maintained related to specific subjects and a "thread" of conversation can be continued "on topic" until it is resolved.

d. Additions (updates) or postings to each topic thread will generate email notification to each participant.

Contact Sam, by whatever means you have previously established (preferably cell phone) and your private forum will be started.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I wonder if the virus is actually on Kimkins.con, and just came along to Sam's site when he saved the site to his own site. I had that happen once, and it was a trojan, also. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to learn that Heidi put a trojan horse virus on her site, so she could access the computers of her members. LOL!

mariasol said...

The Truth - Glad so see you around. You are right, it's not a hack, it's a copy/clone. I learn something new every day, which I really enjoy. But it sounds a lot better to say that "Kimkins has been hacked" than "Kimkins has been copied", doesn't it? :)

mariasol said...

2big - Thanks for looking into that part of the website. I didn't want to go there, I'm chicken. Sounds like Singingass to me - the one-on-one thing. Does he charge $9.95 per minute like she does?