Monday, April 21, 2008

Kimkins - How It All Started

Kimmer's fairy tale of her weight loss is well known on Low Carb Friends (LCF). Kimmer joined there sometime in 2000 and I believe she intended to lose weight on a lowcarb diet at the time. I also think she actually lost some weight.

But, what she later on used as her "before" picture is probably her "after" picture, showing her at the lowest weight she ever achieved.

What would her weight be in this photo? 220? If she started at 318 lbs, she would have lost about 100 pounds at that time.

Obviously, she wasn't "strong enough to stick with it" and started gaining back weight at this point. For some reason, she could not admit her failure at LCF and started to fake further weight loss. Perhaps people there had been impressed with her success and she got addicted to the admiration.

At some time between 2000 and 2002 (which is when the LCF public archive starts) she claimed to have reached her goal, 135 lbs or 125 lbs at that time. Later, she adjusted that to 118 lbs without really commenting on it. I think it happened when she allegedly was fasting for a longer period of time. It would have been strange if she didn't show any loss.

Personally, I never believed her claim of 118 lbs. I am 5'6", like she is, just a couple of years older, with small bones and I would be too skinny if I went below 120. With big bones, as she has always claimed to have, she would have to weigh at least 20 - 30 pounds more. She would look severely anorexic at 118.

Of course, now we know that she went from the 220 pounds to, what, 350? 380? It certainly is more than the 318 she still claims was her highest weight.

Supposedly she is NOW, finally, trying to lose weight. What took her so long? She was acting as a diet guru for 8 years and it never occurred to her to actually follow what she preached?

And is she really losing weight? Her most recent picture doesn't show a big difference.

It seems also that she is finding out that what she has been claiming all these years is not true. The majority of people can not follow the Kimkins starvation diet a longer period of time without cheats. The body's defense mechanism objects to the lack of nutrition and off-plan meals or binges result.

Would Kimmer have been kinder to the dieters on LCF that she chastised on a daily basis if she had known this then? I doubt it.


2BIG said...

I really wonder if she did join LCFs to actually shed weight since she had a reported by family failed WLS program already which she never mentioned to anybody publicaly on LCFs.I beleive she joined to lay the foundations for her latest con by flasely befriending folk and passing out false info like her hair care info since she was bald at the time looking for a patsy to be her computer "mentor" online to drain folks wallets. She very cunningly made friends with admin on LCFs and posted lots of "helpful advice" to cultivate future income sources for her scam. In 2003 she even branched out to other low carb sites with her claimed almost200 pounds loss in less then a yr doing a lower fat Atkins.

Then when Cathrine offerred the online site for the ebook Kimmer created the angry run off the LCFs site drama to get the sympathy income from those "friends" and followers and was off and running building her kimkins.con empire.

and actually since Brandon her son is partially shown in that pic as a small child that can't be her after shedding weight on LCFs pic since he turned 18 last yr and the full picture of the child as seen on other sites is no way 11 yrs old in that pic.

mariasol said...

2Big - Good point about the picture. This must have been earlier than 2000. I still think it was at her lowest weight, ever.

As for the rest, who knows what her motives were? You could be right.

2BIG said...

oh I could easily agree it is her lowest weight loss pic seen by me but as to was it simply before she gained even more weight or after a loss I couldn't say.

Yucky said...

hmm good point 2b!

And Mariasol, you ask, "Would Kimmer have been kinder to the dieters on LCF that she chastised on a daily basis if she had known" that a starvation diet is not possible on a long term basis for healthy weight loss?

No, she would NOT have been kinder. She already KNEW what starvation dieting would do to her victims. And she didn't continue to teach starvation "in spite of" what it would do -- but rather, BECAUSE OF what it would do.

Why? Because she's a sadist.

And ITA with 2B (surprise, surprise :D

OhYeahBabe said...

Great overview, Mariasol. Good job.
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