Sunday, January 13, 2008

Angry at Kimkins

Heidi Diaz' lawyer is trying to get the class action lawsuit thrown out by claiming that "Plaintiffs consist of a small group of fame seekers, disgruntled prior associate, and other prior members of KlMKINS whom have been led to believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of the litigation rainbow."

I'm a plaintiff and a "prior member."

Am I disgruntled? You bet! Some of my reasons are:

  • I paid $14.95 to Kimkins to support Kimmer's new board after being made to believe that she was unfairly treated on the low carb board I frequented. Little did I know that she was a lying liar that lies and does not deserve support in any shape or form.
  • I paid $14.95 to Kimkins to help a scam artist build a business by starving people and causing them serious health problems.
  • I paid $14.95 to Kimkins to find out that you really can not trust anybody on the internet, regardless of how long you have “known” them.
  • I paid $14.95 to Kimkins just to be banned without any reason, no explanation, and no refund.

Am I looking for a “pot of gold?” Absolutely not! I don’t expect to see a dime after the lawyer has received his share. But, I will do anything in my power to make sure that no money fraudulently obtained from the Kimkins scam remains with Heidi Diaz.

So why I am doing this? Blogging? Being critical of Kimmer and Kimkins? My health was not affected as I never followed the Kimkins Diet and the only thing that was hurt were my feelings from being lied to. However, I feel responsible for contributing to create this monster in the low carb world. If I and others had not enthusiastically signed up for her board in the beginning, many people might have been spared the cost of membership, costs for ER, and suffering irreversible health consequences. I can not change the fact that I did, but I will do what I can to prevent further victims to this scam.

If you are or were a member of Kimkins, join the lawsuit. Working together, we can remove this menace from the internet!


2BIG said...


THIS LAWSUIT IS ABOUT REMOVING THE STAIN OF AND Kimmer's diet advice from the internet and any other place she wants to post it.

OhYeahBabe said...

Really good post. Thanks so much. I'm angry about Kimkins, too!

wackytobeme said...

wow You got a bargain...I paid $29.95 for all that, but I guess that's better than $59.95 and definitely better than $79.95!!!

Magicsmom said...

Mariasol, you touched on something that I was thinking about a few days ago. For me, there is no pot of gold at the end of the litigation rainbow. I joined the lawsuit to see Heidi Diaz run off the internet - well, at least to see shut down.

Avenue Girl said...

Small group of fame seekers? How about it's called spread the word about this atrocity so your future weight impaired family members don't make the silly mistake of joining this diet and really wind up ill in the process.

Your client LIED you *&$#*.

Why would anyone want to be famous for having been scammed?

If you are a decent human being in any way then Heidi will wind up firing you.

She is probably lying to you Mr Lawyer, and just you wait till you see what she's been hiding from you! Good luck getting paid...