Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kimkins Eating Disorders

From the transcript of the ABC Good morning America Interview with Kimkins poster girl Singingass:

"DELANEY DEAVER (aka SingingLass): We don’t tell people to starve, we encourage them to eat and I think there’s gonna be eating disorders that happen, you know, in any situation when somebody has an issue with food, but we try to prevent that from happening by giving people support."

Giving people support? People with eating disorders? On Kimkins? And who are "we?"

To my knowledge, the only admins left on Kimkins are:

  • Kimmer, aka Heidi Diaz. An obese woman that have scammed and defrauded thousands of people over at least 10 years. A lying liar that lies.
  • Singingass. A student, working as an online psychic and occasionally singing opera.
  • Lasttime4me. A sock puppet, or if not, certainly does have the personality of a sock. Kimmer normally creates colorful characters. This one isn't.
  • Tarvos{k}. Hasn't been seen there for a long time. His blog still exists but is empty. As far as I remember, he didn't do all that great on the diet either, still being over 400 lbs. And anybody reading his posts (and blog before it was scrubbed) realizes that this man has issues.
So who is going to help the people with eating disorders on Kimkins? Heidi Diaz? Singingass? Lasttime4me? Would you trust any of these three with anything? Especially related to diet or eating disorders?

Actually, we do know what type of "support" a dieter on Kimkins would get. Read this post by Medusa: FROM MY MOLE INSIDE THE KIMPOUND: KIMMER RESPONDS TO THE STARVING WOMAN...

For Eating Disorder information, please go to Eating Disorders Today
Joanna Poppink, LMFT, Los Angeles psychotherapist, stopped by to comment and provide this link.

Note, this is a psychotherapist, specializing in eating disorder recovery. Who would you listen to, Joanna or Heidi? Heidi has no qualifications whatsoever to dispense diet advice or advice to a person with an eating disorder.


OhYeahBabe said...

SingingLass is in way, way, way over her head. If she had any sense at all, she'd flee.

Medusa said...

Great post, Mariasol!

I wouldn't trust those three to change a lightbulb.

Liars and losers, all three.

And thanks for the photo composite. SingingLass looks like she's developed Graves disease. Her eyes are bulging and her thyroid gland looks enlarged. Check out this web link:

She'd better get to a doctor STAT.

My blog: Medusa

mariasol said...

Thanks Medusa. I intended to link to your post with Kimmer's response to the starving woman but forgot. I added it today. It really shows what response a person with ED on Kimkins gets.

Joanna said...

Thank you for posting the information on Kimkins tragedy.

People deep in their eating disorder illness are vulnerable to exploiters looking to profit from that vulnerability.

Your raising awareness about the exploitation and manipulation experienced by people who were hurt by Kimkins helps educate and empower many people.

Joanna Poppink, LMFT, Los Angeles psychotherapist specializing in eating disorder recovery.

Medusa said...

Thanks so much for the link, Mariasol!

Team Yucky said...

hmmm... sobering information indeed.

mariasol said...

Indeed, yucky. And from what Medusa reported, it is obvious that nobody told this woman to seek professional help.