Friday, January 4, 2008

Flippy Tippy Changes Diets - Again

While still giving credit to Kimkins for her weight loss, Tippy is presently following Eat Fat Get Thin (EFGT). Tippy has tried this plan before in her weight loss journey but quickly gave up on it that time. Other plans Tippy has tried include Atkins, fat fast, a rotation diet, South Beach, CTF (cut the fat), cycling and possibly a few more. She also had a Magic Chicken soup. Could this be part of the Magic Chicken Diet?

The only constant about Tippy seems that she is constantly changing diets. Now, being at or close to goal, you would think she would have developed a WOE (way of eating) that is sustainable long term instead of jumping on one diet after another. What type of message is this giving to the girls that are following her advice on Tippy's new board? Is she recommending that they switch diets on a weekly basis also?

Supposedly, the switch from the Kimkins-like CTF (Cut the Fat) diet Tippy has been following came after a guest post by Barry Groves (the author of Eat Fat Get Thin) and a subsequent lecturing by Jimmy Moore. Jimmy, and some other posters at the Camp, pointed out the need for fat in a low diet and suggested that CTF should not be promoted. Tippy apparently took the advice to heart and quickly declared that she is now following EFGT and that the CTF diet has been moved to a subsection under "Stillmans."


OhYeahBabe said...

Well I guess that's her right. So long as she isn't promoting Kimkins! I imagine it might be hard to look to her for guidance on her forum, since the experimenting can be confusing. It's the PE! (Pocahontas Experiment)

I hope she finds what works for her long term.

Considering the Kimkins diet? Read this first: Kimkins Diet Scam Update.

2BIG said...

yes Tippy has changed plans again as she stuggles to find something she can follow for life. It was good of Dr Barry and others to educate not only Tippy but the other former followers Kimmer has so mess up with her too low fat plan.
Changing the CTF plan to give credit to Dr Stillman as it was his plan orginally is hopefully a start in the right direction to erase and Kimmer from the internet.

BamaGal said...

What people do not realize is all this does is send you gaining weight. It is yoyo dieting plain and simple.

You screw up your metabolism that way.

It's like your body says---hold on wait a minute---am I in feast or famine. I don't know, so hey---I'll hold on to every little morsel I get---just in case.

Boom---you won't lose for nothing after that.

Kat said...

As I stated before...TT has now clue as to what she is doing. She is relying on everyone else to tell her about plans and what to do just like Kimmer did with her vegitarian and maintenance plans. I sure hope she can make her site a success...she will need the money for litigation.

wackytobeme said...

It seems rather sad if you ask me. I don't know how tall she but she seems to be at a good weight that works for her. Yet, she is obsessing over a few (<5) pounds. I expect were she is at is best for her body, but she thinks she needs to get lower. I see this with a lot of people who are at or close to goal. I can understand if you were eating horribly (ie, Holidays) and needed to "detox" from all the junk for a few days. I guess from my point of view I think we've all become so brainwashed by what we're "suppose" to look like that if we don't we have to beat ourselves up trying to get there? Let's face it, if we lost a lot of weight fast it will probably never happen because of the loose skin issue. Actually SWWNBN probably is in better shape due to the long stalls. Gave her body time to catch up. Her "bikini" picture (although not the best pose) looks like she didn't have the saggy skin issue so many do.
I guess all this to say, I think being obsessive over weight loss isn't good regardless of the numbers. Know what I mean

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size8jeans said...

Wacky - It doesn't have to be about just a few pounds. I only have about 5 to lose, but I know where I feel best. No matter what I do I seem to hang out at about 142. But I *FEEL* best (and feel better about myself) when I am under 140, and so I strive for that. There's nothing wrong with that. I gained 17 pounds while still doing Atkins, so I switched diets. I now eat low-fat, controlled-carb, high-protein. I got the 17 off, but still have those last 5 to my goal weight.