Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kimkins just another Low Carb Diet

Kimmer just added this text to the "Thinking about Kimkins" page:

I've heard Kimkins is limited to 500 calories per day?

Totally false. There is no calorie limit on any Kimkins option whether you choose original Kimkins, K/E (Kimmer Experiment), Boot Camp, Cycling or quick Protein Shakes. Some members prefer specific portions and find Kimkins Boot Camp fits their needs perfectly.

No doubt it this a result of the ABC Good Morning America coverage that used 500 calories as the typical limit on Kimkins.

So the "new" Kimkins diet seems to be:
  • Unlimited lean protein (no gram limit)
  • Enough fat to make it work (no gram limit)
  • Maximum 20 grams carbs
So what makes this different than Atkins induction? Why would anybody pay $79.95 to join a website to get access to an obese diet "guru" that obviously knows very little about how to lose weight? What does kimkins.com offer that the FREE sites do not?

And do not forget that your $79.95 "Lifetime" membership is no guarantee that you will actually have access to the site, or Kimmer. She, or one of her admins, can ban you on a whim. For asking legitimate questions Kimmer does not want to answer, or for no reason at all.

Join the Class Action Lawsuit.

Help remove kimkins.com from the internet!


Anonymous said...

She's a liar, liar,(stretch)pants of fire - CYA, kinda gal. We all know what really goes on in there. She's just trying to save herself by promoting Atkins Induction NOW. She would tear you up for eating any fat a few months ago. I'd love to be a fly on her wall - watching her try and put out ALL the fires the Ducks have started.
Great Blog, Mariasol -
and thanks for adding me to your roll.

OhYeahBabe said...

Come on, Mariasol - DO THE MATH! I love it when people do the math!

mariasol said...

Kimkinscam - I totally agree. This is just a smoke screen and the Plan Behind The Plan with starvation calories will go on behind the scenes. I intended to make a commentary about his but didn't have time. I'll do it in another posts. For now, I just wanted to point out that there is NO reason to pay for Kimkins if all you are getting is Atkins induction that is available for FREE all over the net.

mariasol said...

OYB - Yes, I don't believe for a second this new "official" stand by Kimmer. The Math shows why.