Friday, January 4, 2008

Why pay when there are FREE diet support sites

I have been thinking about how a site that requires a "registration fee" or a "lifetime membership fee" would get people signing up for their "service." Obviously they need to offer something that the FREE sites do not have. As they don't, I have to assume that the only customers they get are people that do not know about the FREE sites.

Looking at Kimkins, the Magic Chicken Diet, and now lately The Camp Fire, the website recently launched by the latest Kimkins defector, Tippy Toes, I have not found anything there that is not provided by FREE sites such as LCF and ALC.

Kimkins and the Magic Chicken Diet sites seem similar and claim to offer:

Kimkins ($79.95):

  • Kimkins Diet
  • Food Lists
  • Sample Menus
  • Recipe Library
  • Online Personal Journal
Magic Chicken Diet ($69.95)
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Magic Chicken Diet Plan
  • Support from Bonnie & Members
  • Forums Q & A
  • Personal Diet Blogger
  • Sample Menus / Recipes
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Access to Clothes Swap
  • No Monthly Fees
The latest of the three, Camp Carbaway or the Camp Fire ($19.95) offers:
"What makes Camp Carbaway special? For one, it is owned and operated by people who are successfully losing or maintaining their weight. We are not one of the free larger low-carb boards which means you get more personal attention. We will not sell you any food products because we know some will cause you to stall out and NOT lose your weight. We do not allow our members to be harassed or belittled in any way, even if they stumble a bit while learning. We support the BEST low-carb plans available such as Atkins, Southbeach, Stillman's and more. You are not asked to stick with only one diet plan though -- you have options! We also have recipes for meal planning."

What of these things are not found on the FREE sites, ALC and LCF? I can not see ONE thing!

The Kimkins diet is outlined in detail on LCF and there are knowledgeable members there that can help you to modify it or transition into a sensible diet that will not risk you health.

The Magic Chicken Diet is found at Kimkins Exhausted, in case someone would be interested in eating chicken strips for breakfast, canned chicken for lunch and some more chicken for dinner.

The guidelines for low carb plans listed by The Camp Fire are all covered extensively on both LCF and ALC, plus there are many challenge groups and advice from people that are using the plans, all provided FREE. And the FREE sites offer FREE lifetime membership and registration as long as you refrain from harassing other members.

Save your money, join one of the FREE sites and enjoy your weight loss journey with FREE advice and FREE support from the many knowledgeable members on these sites.


OhYeahBabe said...

Good post! The value-adds for that expensive Kimkins site are detailed on my blog. You can probably get those for free, too, though.
If You're Not Completely Appalled Then You Aren't Paying Attention

Great post!
Considering the Kimkins diet? Read this first: Kimkins Diet Scam Update.

2BIG said...

thank you for pointing out free is always better. nobody should be from Kimmer