Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Diet Research

Heidi Diaz' sock puppets say that Kimkins' dieters are to blame for any ill effects from the diet as they "should have done their research". As Kimorexia suggests, it is very possible that they did their homework to the extent possible at the time.

Researching Kimkins in June 2007 would have led me to:

  • The Women's World magazine article. Who wouldn't want to lose 100 pounds in 5 months and end up looking like Christin? Or like Kim, 200 pounds in 11 months and looking good enough to qualify as a Russian bride?

  • Thousands of blogs and articles on the internet, all praising Kimkins and displaying pictures of Deni and Christin. Who wouldn't want to have a similar success?
  • Kimkins.com website with Kimmer's picture! The founder that lost 198 pounds in 9 months! No faster diet, none! Better than gastric bypass! Etc, etc.

  • The "Ask Kimmer" thread on LCF. Reading it, it is apparent that Kimmer was adored by everybody and revered as a diet guru for years before she went off to start her own site.
  • Blogs and comments saying that Kimkins was the new celebrity diet, naming a number of skinny, young celebrities that had used kimkins to get "red carpet ready".
  • Hundreds of yahoo answers where Kimkins is the solution to any weight loss problem. MySpace profiles set up by affiliates.
So, what from this research should have prevented me to pay $59.95 to get access to Kimkins? Low carb, low fat as was clearly stated? Atkins is low carb and that is a reputable diet. Low fat? Well, we have been brainwashed to embrace low fat all our lives, so that sounds good too. It seems logical that with lower fat (less calories), weight loss would be faster, doesn't it?

Not until paying the Lifetime fee did the member become exposed to the Plan Behind The Plan, which entailed cutting calories and fat much below acceptable levels. Being cheered on by sock puppets that "experienced" amazing losses and never had any problems sticking to the diet. Feeling like a failure if going above 500 calories.

Luckily, many members, possibly a vast majority, soon gave up as their body's survival mechanism kicked in and in one way or the other told them that this diet is not good for you. Others stayed with it a little longer due to the peer pressure and the addiction to seeing the scale going down on a daily basis. Many of these victims are still suffering and struggle to get back to healthy eating.

In June 2007, there was really nothing negative to be found about Kimkins!

So, please do not claim that a Kimkins victim "did not do their homework." There wasn't a homework to be done at the time. And this is the reason that all we bloggers write all these Kimkins posts. At least now a google search on Kimkins will provide material for a "homework" and nobody has to join Kimkins before finding out how bad this diet is and that Heidi Diaz is a fraud.

If we had seen a true picture of Kimmer, Heidi Diaz, at the time, I'm sure nobody would have joined Kimkins.

We are also working on getting rid of Kimkins weeds from the internet. Want to help? Check out the daily challenge.


OhYeahBabe said...

Great post, Mariasol. Loved your insights.

My blog: Kimorexia

Yust Yucky said...

Eye opening. We didn't know a lot of this stuff. It's a shame how this has gone on for so long, the whole thing about people being lectured to about how they "should have done their research". Thanks for shedding some light on this.

Medusa said...

Wonderful post, Mariasol. For others to have blamed the Kimkins members for not having done their homework is totally unfair.

And thanks so much for taking the time to dig up Kimmer's new avatar which she stole from Picasa. I noticed it's now gone and she's replaced it with another new avatar, which is now on my blog. Wonder where she stole that latest one from? You are a super sleuth, Mariasol!

My blog: Medusa

mariasol said...

Thank you for your comments. I'm so sick and tired of "blaming the victim" mantra but isn't that the only defense strategy that is left to Heidi?

And Medusa, I didn't need to "take time." The pinky swear picture came up on the first page of google image search, LOL! Heidi might have changed her avatar but it's still up on Kimkins blog.

2BIG said...

thanks for setting the record straight about what dangers of Kimkins.com and Kimmer were actually availible back then when the scam hit the big times.