Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tippy still supporting Kimkins

Diets in Review said:

I wanted to share this Kimkins follow-up with what looks like Kimmer herself. Back in October, Diets In Review shared with you the disappointing news that many Kimkins customers feel that the Kimkins program is fraudulent. Their PR manager, Jeannie Baitinger, responded to Diets In Review and we shared that post with you here.

It appears that in early December, Jeannie left Kimkins. This morning we received a response from Kimmer explaining the departure.

Please be advised that Jeannie continues to follow and support the Kimkins Plan today.

She simply left Kimkins in order to help spread the word via her own Kimkins-based website. She has my blessing and full support for her Kimkins CTF Diet.

Jeannie is still a very strong Kimkins supporter, and she remains my right hand here at Kimkins. Kimkins would not be the success it is today without all the hard work and support that Jeannie has given me and continues to give me on a daily basis.

If your life has been benefitted by the Kimkins Diet, you owe a great debt to Jeannie and all her hard work.

I couldn’t have achieved all that I have achieved without the monumental contributions made by Jeannie.

She is a fine testament of the proof that the Kimkins Diet is working miracles for thousand of obese men and woman every day. - Kimmer Jan 1st, 2008 at 6:21 pm


yucky yucks said...

So is Kimmer lying? Deliberately attempting to further incriminate Tippy?

Or is Kimmer telling the truth?

OhYeahBabe said...

Which one of them is lying? Hard to tell since there are fleas on both!

Thanks so much for posting!
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2BIG said...

WOW just WOW

I hope she relies quickly that it is a lie cause i have been moderating commnets on my blog in the discussion with her about the plan and she assured me not affiliated with any more nor was Kimmer a part of her site.
I hope that is yet another of kimmer's lies.

Medusa said...

Great post, Mariasol!

When you have two liars spewing tales at the same time, it's hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, isn't it?

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Yuckies said...

It'll be interesting to see what JohnT has to say about it.

Great blog Mariasol!

2BIG said...

Tippy has replied and stated it is a lie.

looks like it was a kimmer post to break up the lawsuit class action status being achieved by casing tippy disention in the ranks. Ironic when you know TT isn't a member of the lawsuit class.

OhYeahBabe said...

Good to know. There's certainly incentive for Kimmer to lie.

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