Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kimkins Diet Refunds

When Kimmer, aka Heidi Diaz, had to come "clean" at the time the Class Action Lawsuit was filed, she promised a time limited refund on the "Kimkins Controversy" section on the Kimkins website. While Heidi has claimed that she no longer has the ability to provide refunds due to her PayPal account being frozen, she is now giving refunds without any time limit. Surely, this is based on advice from her attorney that is trying to have the Class Action Lawsuit thrown out.

Q: What about the people who joined Kimkins because of your weight loss or the success story re-enactments?

A: I offer my sincere apology to anyone who felt misled or joined purely on that basis. That was never my intent. Bottom line is that Kimkins is a rapid weight loss plan that works without surgery, special food or pills.

We'll offer a refund and membership cancellation to anyone who joined prior to 11/1/07 and isn't currently using the website. Simply send an email to support@kimkins.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your full name, user name, PayPal transaction ID number and mailing address. Do not log into your account.

While any Kimkins member (former or current) should be encouraged to join the Class Action Lawsuit, it is certainly better if people reluctant to join ask for refunds instead of doing nothing at all. At least it will hurt Heidi's cash flow. If 40,000 members ask for a refund, Heidi would not be able to keep running.

If you know any Kimkins member that does not want to take part in the Class Action Lawsuit, please encourage them to request a refund.

If you did join the lawsuit, do not request a refund, and reject it in case you receive one.


OhYeahBabe said...

Thanks for the information about the refunds! While I wish everyone would join the lawsuit, I'd much rather see people get a refund than do nothing!

2BIG said...

hanks for helping folk to learn about the scam and the reasons why the cklas action alwsuit against and Kimmer are so important.