Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kimmer's After Photo

The photo in the blue sweater is what Kimmer used as her "before" picture on Low Carb Friends. She claimed to be 318 lbs in it, and when people commented that she looked smaller, she just said that "she carried her weight well."

I believe that this is actually her "after" picture and shows her at her lowest weight. While we can not believe anything this Lying Liar that Lies says, there sometimes seems to be a grain of truth in there. She now claims that she at one time lost 100 lbs in 6 months, and couldn't this photo be at her lowest, which would have been 218 lbs?

The time frame seems to be right. The "blue sweater" photo is obviously the same as the one on Plentyoffish, with her son, Brandon. Kimmer joined LCF around 2000 which means that Brandon would then have been 10 years old. Possibly, Kimmer did once lose weight on low carb but never was even close to the 118 lbs she claimed to have maintained for 5 - 6 years.

What happened at 218 lbs? Kimkins was too tough to stick to? Not strong enough?

Wouldn't this experience have proved to Kimmer that Kimkins is not a sustainable diet? Why did she keep on promoting it, long after failing on it herself?


Yucky's Amateur Psych Clinic said...

You ask, "Wouldn't this experience have proved to Kimmer that Kimkins is not a sustainable diet? Why did she keep on promoting it, long after failing on it herself?"

The same reason she does everything -- she's an evil psycho bitchqueen. She inflicts her cruelty on other people because she's too weak & too cowardly to inflict it on herself.

BamaGal said...

According to family, Heidi had the old stomach stapling surgery done years ago. Then from this post here: Kimmer (Heidi Diaz) Had WLS? » Kimkins Controversy - Kimkins Scam you can see in 2005 someone going by the screen name Kimmer2(in 2005) reported having WLS 12 years prior. Which means her surgery would have been in 1993. Brandon would have been only 4 at that time. He doesn't look 10 in the pic above. He looks much younger, maybe 6 or so.

So I think this is the pic after her WLS. So yes, I agree with you, this is her after pic. After she had WLS, before her regain.

mariasol said...

You are right Bama. This photo is probably earlier than 2000. That just makes it even more sad. She never lost weight on Kimkins at all.

OhYeahBabe said...

In the past, people did not know about the deception before joining. Now it’s on the home page. I’m not sure how anyone can see those pictures and decide to pay her for diet advice.

Anonymous said...

And just when I should be most indignant, I see another desperate dieter who couldn't keep the weight off come hell or high water. It simply makes me very sad. Heidi, you should have more fellow feeling for the ones you scammed. Thankfully the newer generation of Kimkinites are seeing you more as you are, and not as you wish to be. Stop the photoshopping, and they'll still be there, because, they, at least, remember their struggles.

mariasol said...

Anonymous - I could agree with the "another desperate dieter" comment were it not for the "Ask Kimmer" thread on LCF. She is not just "another" dieter. Heidi is a scam artist, a fraud, and preys on overweight women, taking their money and belittling them in the process. She deserves no empathy.