Friday, March 21, 2008

Blowing the MCD tip

One week ago, I posted an open link to the forum at the Magic Chicken Diet. As this happened shortly before the "Blame Everything on Yucky/Mimi Day" yucky got unfairly accused of "blowing the MCD tip".

As far as I understand, yucky saw the link on my blog, and then posted it. At least it wasn't at yucky's when I did my post.

I can be wrong. Surely yucky had received this "tip" a long time ago as the link has been open since the new MCD forum was put in place on January 27th. Still, if someone is to blame, it is I. I take full responsibility for "blowing the MCD tip".

I didn't check with anyone before posting the link to find out if this was approved by the "Blogger's Code of Conduct" that I still have not received a copy of. My tipster didn't have a problem with me posting the link either. We just found it hilarious. The ineptness of it all.

It seems that I stepped on many toes by posting the link, and for that I am sorry. I spoiled the chance for this being kept "behind the scenes" so that people could "spy" on the MCD from the inside. Assuming that a number of visits by Guest would have gone undetected. Assuming that there actually was something to spy on.

By the way, the link is still open. It seems that Bonnie doesn't care or doesn't know how to fix it. Perhaps she appreciates getting some new members. Surely nobody in their right mind would pay $69.95 to join this forum. Or, if they did, would immediately request their money back when they found out what a joke of a forum this is.


Sheridan said...

This brou-ha could rightly be titled, "Much Ado About Nothing".

No harm, no 'fowl'.

Yucky/Mimi/whatever said...

whuh?! I missed seeing that I'm being blamed for this too! lol! oh well hey whatever, I brought it on myself.

But YOU, Mariasol, do NOT deserve any blame including blame for posting the link to the MCD access! {{{{{{Hugs!}}}}

You're a brilliant, brilliant, person & blogger & so many other things, real things -- and you're unfailingly gracious, calm, rational. I feel truly and profoundly in awe of you because of all that and because along with all of that you've got a scathingly sharp sense of humor :)

Plus I envy your hair and your ability to do math :)

As far as that MCD link, I imagine some of those squawking about it never even bothered to go back and see that it's still functional, or at least it was yesterday.

If everybody & their brother (and their brother's kids & their brother's kid's bff's) STILL haven't managed to get over there and take a billion screenshots and snoop to their hearts' content, then it's their own fault.

Bless you, Mariasol.

Sheridan -- lol re the pun!

mariasol said...

Sheridan - Would that be MAAN? LOL. That was really my purpose of posting the link - showing that there was nothing to see.

mariasol said...

yucky/mimi/whatever - Thank you for your kind post. I am also surprised that I haven't seen any screen shots posted and that not more people have signed up as members on MCD. I can't see that it would be illegal to access something that has an open link on the internet. That's Bonnie's problem and I doubt she even sees it as a problem at this time. She should thank us for helping marketing the site. She certainly has not done it on her own.

Yucky said...

hmm posting screen shots would normally be interesting ... but, alas! the MCD is so amazingly NONinteresting!

When the dot net went wild, though, now that was unnoninteresting. Ah, those were the days...