Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Tippy left Kimkins

From an email posted on AmyB's blog:

In a message dated 11/28/2007 6:32:04 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Hi Delany. Sadly, I have made the decision to leave Kimkins. I do not want to be called in for deposition as you know. So I am out. Makes me sad but I have to protect myself.
How are you doing? Did you see the pics of her house??? I can’t open them cause even using the cloak the pics know I am banned. I’ll get someone to send them.
I admit I was stunned she had 1.6 million in cash. I am also stunned she paid cash for both cars when she was telling me she can’t make the car payment. Really, that lie was the deal breaker for me to stick myself in the noose for her. She had a chance to come clean and we both helped her make a fresh start. So why? Why lie to us? Is this just habitual? I just can’t say…
What will you do now? And I see Gary is MIA too.

To promote a nutritionally deficient diet to members and to defraud people of money by banning them didn't bother Tippy at all. She is only thinking about herself.

Tippy: Why don't you go over to and read the stories on Kimkins Survivors. I assure you that they are not "fictional charactors". These are REAL people that were HURT by Kimmer and by YOU.

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Yucky said...

{{{Sol}}} hmm very interesting to read this.

Very sad.

And too often we do forget what it's all about ...