Friday, March 28, 2008

Kimkins Scam on Headline News

An abbreviated version is available on YouTube

Magicsmom did a fantastic job of representing the plaintiffs in the Class Action Lawsuit against Kimkins.

Magicsmom was an early member of Kimkins, did try the diet (which backfired on her like it does for many, many people) and has been banned for no reason. She was a very good representative for the complaints we have against Heidi Diaz.

Magicsmom is telling her story from the taping on Magicsmom's Musings

And as always, our wonderful Grilled Cheese with Pickles has provided a transcript for those that are unable to watch the video.


Anonymous said...


I think this is the best one yet!



Elle said...

It's my pleasure!

OhYeahBabe said...

Thanks for getting the word out!
My blog: Kimorexia
Check out Kimkins on Insider Exclusive!

MrsMenopausal said...

Wasn't it a great report?
What a surprise, Singinglass was wrong about the hair loss issue and choosing KK for heart health reasons. Of course we knew that already but it was still nice of them to make a point of addressing those issues.
My blog: Weighing The Facts

Yucky said...

Any reaction from inside the liar's den?

mariasol said...

Yucky - I am banned so I can't check. But I haven't seen anything mentioned on FWK so my guess is that it isn't discussed in the kimpound.

Yucky said...

ok thanks. Interesting!

2BIG said...

oops missed this one some how. Thanks for posting it and the link to the text version too.