Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kimkins in Las Vegas

Kimkins is planning a gathering in Las Vegas on July 18 - 20, 2008.

Do Kimkins members really believe that Kimmer intend to be there?

The court hearing for the Class Action Lawsuit is scheduled for July 15th! Is she planning to go to Vegas to drown her sorrows? I'm sure she will not have anything to celebrate.

And remember that this is a woman that is "shy" and suffers from agoraphobia. While we know that that isn't true, we do know what she said when discussing the previously planned Kimkins cruise:
"What a “relaxing” 5 days that would be. Staring, photos, whispering and full blog exposes when I return … not to mention sitting across the table from Jimmy. And don’t forget the stalkers. I never considered the cruise as a personal safety issue before."

Or, when the cruise organizer, Regandy, left Kimkins, remember how Typo Toes explained why a cruise wouldn't be a good idea:
"We have decided that a cruise would present a safety hazzard for Kimkins members as well as staff. However, rest assured we have some new gathering ideas in the works for next year. What we have in mind will be better and will geer more in tuned with Kimkins diets than an all you can eat fest cruise. I have cruised many times and it is not possible in my opinion to not gain some weight. So we are making positive changes in this area as well."

I don't see that the Vegas buffets would "geer more in tuned with Kimkins diets" than a cruise would, but of course, Tripsy is no longer at Kimkins. Her camping idea left to The Camp with Tippy herself. The cruise did take place, but not as a Kimkins event and no Kimkins admins were present.

Kimmer is chatting away on Kimkins as if she really intends to go to Las Vegas. She is discussing how to find good airfares and hotel rates. Just two days ago, she cautioned:

"Is everyone checking into flights & hotels? Booking ahead may get you a price bargain (or not risk the hotel you want being sold out during the popular summer Vegas season)."

This woman is truly evil. Kimmer is well aware that there most likely will not be a Kimkins in July 2008 and she has no intention of meeting up with any Kimkins members. You can not photoshop a real life appearance.

Why would she even suggest members spend money on buying airline tickets and paying for hotels? If you book a hotel package deal, you pay up front. Airline tickets are always paid in full at the time of booking. Kimmer must take pleasure in hurting people, physically and financially. I just hope that anybody that books this trip finds a way to enjoy themselves on their own. Don't expect Kimmer to be there. (Actually, if it were me, I would much prefer Kimmer not being there.)


Yuck said...

Heidi -- like the Universe she taints -- has a warped sense of humor.

2BIG said...

Isn't Los Vegas called Sin city? so apt for a Kimmer appearance. Wonder if there will be any pictures posted of that get together?