Friday, March 21, 2008

Twisting the Truth

Kimmer copies information from various sites to her blog, typically without reference to the source. She also has no problem editing the text to suit her purposes.

In a post today, titled "High Fat Diets and High Blood Pressure", Kimmer says:

"In a study of healthy young women, one group ate a high fat fast food breakfast while another group ate a healthy balanced one.

Two hours later the women performed a stressful task.

The fast food group didn't fare so well and their blood pressure readings went haywire from the stress. The healthy eaters fared fine.

This "inflammatory response" happens at all times of the day after high fat meals."

She credits ".. Journal of Nutrition 2007"

While I didn't find the original article in "Journal of Nutrition", I did find it on RealAge. While the result is still misinterpreted on RealAge (blaming fat instead of carbs), they at least include the correct information about the meals being compared in the study:

"In a study of healthy young women, one group was given a fatty fast-food breakfast (two hash-brown patties, a sausage breakfast sandwich, and an egg breakfast sandwich), while another group took a low-fat morning meal (cereal, skim milk, fat-free yogurt, fruit bar, and orange juice)."

How can this study be used to support the Kimkins Diet? It's comparing high carb/high fat with high carb/low fat. How is that relevant to a low carb diet?

But perhaps Heidi was pressed for time today, with the court hearing and all. Just grabbed the first thing that she came across. How much difference is a little more fraud going to make?


Mayberryfan said...

I'm beginning to think Heidi's worst habit, aside from her sugar cookie and Cap'n Morgan fetishes, is believing her own lies. The Ducks have proven time and again their ability to catch Kimmer lying, and committing fraud. Is she really that dumb?

Heidi is a walking scientific study that proves abuse of sugar and alcohol kill brain cells.

Yucky said...

Could be, MBF. I just never figured that she believed her own lies. I think what she believes is her own superpowerful ability to get everybody ELSE to believe her lies.

eh, who knows.

For a long time I've tried to envision Heidi's future.

If she goes to prison, for the Kimkins scam or anything else, what will become of her? IMO she will do what she's been doing -- shmooze and lie and scam her way into some position of power, which will then enable her to shmooze and lie and scam some more :)

Nothing seems to faze her. She's going to land on her feet until the alcohol or weight-related health problems put her out of everybody's misery. Or until one of her victims -- or the survivor of one of her victims -- decides to embark upon a career as a vigilante.

mariasol said...

"If she goes to prison, for the Kimkins scam or anything else, what will become of her?"

I get this scary image in my mind where she gathers a flock of new devotees in a prison diet program, much like Martha Stewart did in the TV movie. But she might not be as convincing in person; being shy and all.