Monday, March 3, 2008

Tippy Toes Admits Acting as a Kimmer Sockpuppet

Tippy has still not publicly denounced the Kimkins Diet, and has not apologized for her role as a PR person and admin at Kimkins. Perhaps she is still of the same opinion she voiced when she tried to sign up at Amy's Eating Low forum that Medusa reported on:

"I suppose I am expected to make some sort of apology but really I am not sure what I am supposed to say."

In a statement by Tippy made on Mayberryfan's blog the other day she says:

"I feel extremely guilty for what I said to Christin and Deni on TV. Not that it makes it right but I was scripted by Heidi as to what to say to them."

Is this an apology? Blaming Kimmer? Didn't you say this on National TV? Even worse, if you didn't agree with it, you lied. Was the money worth it?

And then Tippy goes on to say that she didn't believe anything that Christin, Deni and Becky said until AmyB complained about the same problems:

"I do think back about Kimkins members complaining of being so cold all the time and I wonder now if their thyroids were screaming out to stop. But at the time I was cold losing weight too and thought it was just the way it was. I didn't believe what was being said about hair loss as I have mine BUT when AmyB started complaining I began to question her privatly. It was Amy who made me see the truth. And the truth is there are some serious side effects to Kimkins. I thought it was from doing the plan behind the plan, and that may well be but upon further digging I now see the plan behind the plan was THE plan for a long time as preached by "Kimmer". I apologize to those whom I didn't believe. Kimmer assured me it wasn't true, the Ducks were making these things up, and well, since I didn't suffer hair loss, I believed her--until I heard it from AmyB."

We did see the rant on LCF about the "Ducks" all being created by Catherine, the former business partner. What I can not understand is why it was easier to believe Kimmer, at the time a confirmed liar, than the former admins, Cutie, Kiki and all the people on LCF that you have known for years. Were we all liars, being orchestrated by Catherine? Was it the money that made Kimmer more believable than the rest of us?

With regards to Kimmer's sockpuppets on Kimkins, Tippy says:

"She asked me to take over for "Danielle" in the Bootcamp forum as "Danielle" was away. She later causually mentioned she was Danielle, as if I had know it all along."

Kimmer probably thought it was so obvious that "Danielle" was a sockpuppet so she couldn't believe you didn't know. The rest of us don't have much problem identifying sockpuppets over there. So what happened when you found out? Did you leave Kimkins? Demand that she stop using sockpuppets?

In an additional comment, Tippy says that the Ducks are "making fun of, bashing and exploiting posts of Campers". Where are these posts? I haven't seen them. (Well, with the exception of the huggiessssssss Fawn).

If Tippy refers to the post I made about maintenance, I actually thought she would be flattered to be mentioned together with Christin and Deni. I was mistaken. Tippy did not want to blame Kimkins for her problems to find a maintenance plan.

I especially love how Tippy talks about the Ducks. Still referring to us as if another species, she is now saying:

"I am starting to understand Ducks are not bad people."

Starting to understand? Bad people? So the hundreds of people posting on LCF with the combined goal of removing from the internet and bring Heidi to justice were considered bad people?

And as a reason for not speaking out Tippy claims:

"I have been silenced due to a bann from LCF. And I got banned from Eating Low too, as you may recall. I tried the blog but I was bombed with so much meanness and I found myself reacting very unkindly as a result. I can't allow myself to become that so I pulled the blog down and decided to just stay within Camp."

While I agree that the blog attempt didn't work out well, I would suggest you try it again. I, for one, really want to hear what you have to say. Not having access to the Camp, I can not see what you are saying there, unless it gets reported to me. Perhaps not accepting comments on your blog would allow you peace to write down what you want to say.


Medusa said...

Excellent post, Mariasol!

Tippy remains an enigma. Her failure to acknowledge her accountability in this whole Kimkins fiasco is quite remarkable.

Unfortunately, I don't believe Tippy will ever "see the light."

My blog: Medusa

Anonymous said...

Please. It looks like Tippy is trying to make amends. She may not jump through the hoops you or I would like her to, but could we please, maybe, give her some benefit of the doubt?

After reading Prudentia's thoughts on victims of abuse I'm feeling a lot more compassion for the Kimkinites who have been caught in Kimmer's abusive/cultic web of deceit. And Amy B's open and honest posts have made me realize that people who leave Kimkins apparently have to go though the stages of grief. Even though their "loved one" didn't really love them at all, they still have to mourn their loss, and that may take months or years.

If Tippy is also an abuser, we have our duck-antennae up and are looking for it. But seeing the ducks abuse Tippy when she is giving us helpful information makes me feel very bad about the ducks.

mariasol said...

Anonymous - Tippy saying a simple "I'm sorry" and meaning it would go a long way towards making amends.
I do have a lot of compassion for people that got caught in Kimmer's web. Remember though that Tippy went in there with eyes open, after the other admins had left and the "Ducks" on LCF had discovered a lot of lies. I'm just asking why Tippy chose to believe Kimmer instead of the Ducks.

Anonymous said...

Mariasol--I know Tippy went into Kimmerland after much had already been discovered about Heidi and her lies. And I know that Tippy has had some less-than-wonderful encounters with moderators and several other folks from LCF.

I don't know what her motives were then and I don't know what they are now. She was transitioning into maintenance and, believe it or not, that's a very vulnerable time. You pat yourself on the back for being a success, but you panic every time you see the scale go up thinking that maybe you're going right back to where you were before. You want to help others be successful, while you live with the fear that maybe your successful new house might be built of straw.

At any rate it seems like we are showing unnecessary roughness toward Tippy when we talk about her. We need to be careful, but at the same time, could we also be a little more gentle?

Yucky's Rollie-Eyes Inc. said...

Great question, Mariasol -- will Tippy answer it? Will she answer it honestly, straightforwardly, and without some attempt at blaming anyone else?

Yes, Tippy remains an enigma. An enigma, wrapped in an excuse, inside a bikini, with a side order of greed. We do NOT want fries with that.

2BIG said...

you know as the paid PR person for the company TT was paid to represent she didn't do anything on the show any other PR rep would not have done. They are all sock puppets for their companies if you want to use that term. The speak the company lin and try to make the company look the best it can period.
And when she found out later that day well actually during that show when the statemment kimmer had told her would be on the website was not on the website she started to realize maybe something isn't right here and took steps to remove herself from
Since she harmed deni and christin with her commnets on the show and they have accepted the apolgy she gave them privately it is I nor anyone else who mearly felt indignation over the treatment they recieved from her on that show who are owed one.

Kat said...

I'm a little upset that it took AmyB to open Tippy's eyes...what happened to all the other people who left or were banned BEFORE Amy? What were they? chicken soup? I know Amy was popular over there but Tippy had to know many others in her dealings over there that she trusted and believed. I think it is a cover-up. Just using a name of someone who is well known in the compound. Tippy, you knew all along but didn't want to admit it. I also think you need to come clean and just say you fell for the scam like everyone else, however, you did go in knowing how much of a scam it was and I'm sure that was for the money. I'm happy you are coming clean and trying to set some stuff straight and help KK survivors at your site. However, you really do need to admit you were wrong in all of this and not just say "Heidi told me what to say". We know that is true, that was your job but I'd sure feel guilty now, lieing on National TV. Job or now job...I couldn't do it.

I do apprecitate you trying to help now though.

mariasol said...

Oh, Kat - I can't imagine how you and others that actively participated at Kimkins feel when hearing things like this. Me, I'm just annoyed at being called "bad people".

Mayberryfan said...


Thank you for your dead-on analysis of TT's answers to my blog questions. I was so shocked at actually hearing from her, that I accepted what she said at face value. I DO think in her own TT way that she's trying to make amends. Some people just CANNOT let themselves say flat-out "I screwed up and it's all my fault. Please forgive me." I think we've gotten as close to that with TT as we're gonna get.

That being said, I'll take her actions of cooperating with the lawsuit anyday over someone who apologizes to take the heat off themselves and doesn't mean a word of it. Sort of like when Kimmer asked, "Is it too late to take that back?" Actions DO speak so much louder than words.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mayberry. TT's "apologies" are very little and very late, but not necessarily too little and too late. My complaint lies with the fact she insults in public, and apologizes in private. The reverse is a better order. But she is trying to do right by her campers nutritionally, and that's commendable. Trouble is, does this now make her a "Don't do as I did, do what I say" person?

Magicsmom said...

Yucky's Rollie-Eyes Inc. said...

Great question, Mariasol -- will Tippy answer it? Will she answer it honestly, straightforwardly, and without some attempt at blaming anyone else?

My question is along those lines.... will we ever get an account of her involvement in KK in a way that doesn't smear others? Saying "look over there at that person....look how bad that person is" does not build you up. It shows people what you are, and it certainly doesn't answer the questions they have.

Yucky said...

You hit the nail on the head right there, Magicsmom!

Yucky's 2Ba 2ters said...

2Big says "you know as the paid PR person for the company TT was paid to represent she didn't do anything on the show any other PR rep would not have done."

Wow 2Big you've got a really low opinion of PR reps. News for ya -- Tippy did a bunch of stuff that NO other PR rep would do. SOME PR reps have integrity, honesty, and class.

But oh yeah we forgot -- you're the Generalizationer.