Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Revisiting the MCD


  • We discover the MCD on December 10, 2007
  • The MCD website goes down on December 13, 2007
  • Hulon Pate, Bonnie's son-in-law, leaves a comment on my blog on December 14, 3:30 AM
  • On December 15 (according to Tippy's shortlived blog) Heidi Diaz sends an email to Brian (at the Camp) claiming to have shut down the MCD website
  • On December 17 the MCD website is back up with some minor design changes to the front page
  • On December 21, Yucky reports that the shutdown was due to a billing issue and not a copyright infringement
  • A new forum software is installed on January 31st, wiping out all old posts. The new forum by-passes the paid-member sign in process, leaving it open for anyone to sign up. The link is still open, 10 days after it was broadcast on my blog.
Re-reading Hulon's comment, I found many phrases commonly used by the LCF drive-bys. And while I don't for a second doubt that he wrote this, I think someone told him what to write. Read his posts at dallasdancemusic forum and judge for yourself. He posts as "vinylspotter" there. Or, check out his MySpaces: vinylspotter and Lonestardjz.

This is Hulon's comment from December 14:

Here is it is for the record. My name is Hulon Pate, im 33 years old and Bonnie & David Son in law.

David and Bonnie Own a Candle buisness. Now that being said its a full time buisness like any thing when you work for your self and dont punch a time clock.

When she lost her weight her freinds and family suggested they write a book or web site. They decided on a web site. This is 2007, the internet world at large, they started this web site on the basis of her own weight loss story and not in fact, trying to capitalize on kimskins road to ruin. They spent thousands of dollars, and more thousands of hours building this from the ground floor up.

They are genuine people who work hard for there piece of pie in life. I have no intrest in this except that Kimkins is a fraud period. Bonnies susscess is real as is her weight loss story. People being critical of her weight loss program, well being fat is by far more of a health risk.

People say Why charge well, its the same reason people charge large amounts for clothes. If they were cheap who the hell would ever want them. Nothing worth while is ever free. The same goes for Bill Gates, he has more money, than most of the richest people on earth, yet he still charges for his computers and software.

Bonnies underlieng factor in this was not to get rich over night, but to simply to afford surgery, to replace the brest she lost 18 years ago to breast cancer. Kimkins by every account is a fraud. yet her people had go daddy take down there site today as of Dec 16th 2007, with a formal complaint that they ripped off her forums and diet content for food. Now all things being equal, all diets or for that matter simular buisness will have manny of the same, concepts and products listed. How could a diet program not be simular? Atkins is simular to Kimkins as well as most any other diet that would actully result in weight loss. Eating less, healthier food choices. how can any one be so stupid and not see this. If you sold, a service online and some one elese started the same buisness, online how could it not have mirroring ideas and products and details. Bonnie and David did not steal nor borrow or in fact have any ideas about kim kins or there diet or web site period. Untill the news brought up her being a complete liar. THere both too busy with there other obligations to there, professions.

They didnt rip kimkins off, they didnt borrow any ideas. If you even knew these people you know, it took guts and courage and most important money to do this web site. This all really started this week honestly, and kim kins and her flunkies are waging a smear campaign on Bonnie Luper. A woman who has survived brest cancer. I got wedding photos to show her in 2003, that she was once a verry large woman. And now she is living life and happy. Hell its minorly snowed on Thanks Giving Day, and she was running around and playing in it. The First time I remember seeing Bonnie was in Dec 2002, she was in a parking lot crying, eating a hamburger, upset by her lack of will power. She is by far a much happier person this day. All you nuts who doubt her, will soon see, she is 100% real, and isnt out to screw any one.

Kimmmers and her group are out to trow mud and keep her TRUE SToREY, offline, because as you might all know, New years Brings the most buisness for Weightloss programs such as, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig. Bonnie Luper did not create the lies of Kim kins. Shes much too busy of a person to even, have time to copy cat any one for any reason. You all must either all be unemplyed or have no lifes what so ever to be so envolved in the mud slnging that is going on, and I have a sneaky feeling that Kimmers has a certian few of you on the payrole.

This wasnt some over night get rich quick scam. I saw bonnie, Eating CHicken,back in 05& 06 most of the time out of a can from Costco, which all of out family enjoys,shopping at. There are manny Candle makers in our family.

Just like maybe some of you went the first person to cut hair for a living or sell cars, or become a florest. THis is kimmers sitting at home with her suitcases of money,that she scammed from people.
Trying to keep up her income and trying to keep a real woman who actully lost wieght from getting the spot light, that she deserves.
{you guys do know the day before her assets were frozen she, bought a house for cash money?}

YOu people are sitting there, on your computers, should you have a job or dont. Most dont realize what it takes to start a buinsess.
Most wouldnt have a clue.

Kimkins is going to cringe when, more bad press comes out that because shes a liar, shes trying to hurt a woman, who is a breast Cancer surviver. Kimkin I know your readin this, if you in fact can read or have enough money some ones reading this for you. If you would just follow, Bonnies diet you could loose weight, and wouldnt have to hide from the world at large. you know Bonnies Diet is better and shes the real deal and you cant stand it. Just know, that you cant ever remember the lie, but the truth is easy to tell. God have Mercy on your Soul Kimmers your fixxing to need it.

Bonnies Liable to come beat Kimkins ASS!

Photo from Christmas 2007 on Lonestardjz MySpace
(It might illustrate his state when he wrote the comment)


Mayberryfan said...

:D Thanks for the Hulon re-visit!

Why is it everytime I read something he's posted the theme song from the Dukes of Hazard TV show starts playing in my head?

Hulon should quit his candle business and go on the road with Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy. He'd be a GREAT source of material.

Yucky said...


Medusa said...

LOL Mayberry!

Looks like Hulon's got a whole lotta shakin' goin' on.

OhYeahBabe said...

My blog: Kimorexia
Check out Kimkins on Insider Exclusive!

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