Friday, March 14, 2008

Visit to the Magic Chicken Diet Forum

A very smart Duck found out that there is FREE ACCESS to the Magic Chicken Diet forum.

Just go ahead and register, and you instantly have full access to the forum! I'm sure the very few members that are there will be happy too see an increase of posts. Bonnie might like it too as she isn't a big poster herself and might appreciate the help.

Another very smart Duck just told me that you don't have to register to read the board. Just click on "Forum Index" on the upper left side and you can read all the posts.


Yust Yucky said...

wth?! LOL You have GOT to be kidding. man oh man this thing just gets weirder & weirder!

Yust Yucky said...

ok we clicked the link but we don't see ANY new posts. Just stuff by Bonnie, Suzy and somebody named LuvNLuck.

MrsMenopausal said...

Amazing! lol
Are those all the forums? It's dead in there.
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Kat said...

I thought this info was to be kept secret so we could lurk and maybe find something down the line?

mariasol said...

kat - It was discussed and the consensus was that there really isn't anything to spy on. Instead of people speculating that this is a growing and active board, let everybody see that it is not.

HoneyBee said...

Plus....I think Mariasol- the cat was already out of the bag on this one.
Didn't AmyB blog about it a day or so ago with a link to the site?

There is nothing going on there it seems as far as members posting much at MCD.
Why would someone pay to be a member of that board I wonder?
It just seems useless compared to other free boards.

But now I guess it is free too or is the thought process the idea that it is still just a screw up?

As far as it being a secret- Kat, I don't know how long that would stay secret.
I mean would Bonnie or David not notice a new nonpaying member or two?
Especially, on a board with only 9-12 members previously?

I will just be glad when the link has been determined and the fat lady sings!

mariasol said...

HB - You are right about the link being posted by AmyB. It just seemed that I was violating some "blog approved list" so I removed it. But, I just heard that you can just google magicchickendiet forum and get the link that way too.

I'm sure that anybody that pays $69.95 is going to be really disappointed when they enter the forum. If you don't have the link, you have no idea how empty the forum is before you have paid.

Magicsmom said...

Am I to understand that is all people get when they plunk down their $69.95? That board is one big yawn! And where is the information about the diet plan? I suspect there is a part of the website you can't see by going to the forum section.

mariasol said...

Magics - As far as I understand this is exactly what you get for the $69.96 lifetime membership fee. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh, there is the diet "plan" of course that is now posted on my blog. And 4-6 recipes that I will post eventually. Boring stuff.

If there is a hidden board, it's hidden for full paying members also, based on my information.

2BIG said...

yep you can google magicchickendiet forums and follow the search returns and be inside the forums reading away without registering.

They have a live chat feature too but it has been closed everytime I was looking.

Bonnie even posted her phone number in there inviting folk to call her so anybody could have support if they needed it.

Yust Yucky said...
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Yust Yucky said...

2B good point about the MCD chat feature. Well it would've been really interesting if it were operational and everyone could participate in a real discussion with Bonnie. So many questions!