Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SingingLass wants Attention

SingingLass has been a member of LCF since 08/25/2004 and was posting, starting in June 2006, as a "regular" dieter until she joined Kimkins in June 2007.

Singing Lass has since made some posts on FWK, in support of Kimkins. But on March 16, Singing Lass chose to create a sockpuppet on LCF, LittleSina, drawing attention to the (Warning: Do not click on the AOL link. IP tracker on the site) AOL member page that hosts Singing Lass' old pictures and songs.

Perhaps Singing Lass wanted to show herself in a positive light, before the less flattering post would come up on AmyB's blog. Surely Singing Lass knew of what was to come. She is a psychic after all.

As Singing Lass wants attention, let's provide the links to other places where she has an online presence as well:

She is posting as MagicSong on the Work At Home Moms' Psychic Reader Forum where she is a member since 07/17/2006. I don't have the time (nor the interest) to wade through her 1000+ posts on this forum. However, I found it interesting that a year ago she "made fun" of how much more she was earning compared to her sister's "regular" job, but in March this year (2008) she was complaining that the payment in March would be a week later and that caused problems for her to pay her bills.

Singing Lass has a profile up on Kasamba where she uses the name PsychicMagicSong. She charges $9.99 per minute and claims to be an expert in "Soulmate Connections". She further says:

"I can provide readings on most any topic, however my personal favorite and strong area is with relationship issues. As a very strong empath/ borderline telepath I am able to look into people and discover who they are, and how they feel and see--and why."

Wow! Why would she then need to use sockpuppets on kimkins if she can "read" the members directly? No need for any disguise.

She continues:
"I can do readings on future circumstances--as well as present and past. I also can provide timelines for when things should happen. I estimate length of time much like judging the length of a piece of ribbon..I go from the present point and feel outwards along the "thread" to when the event will occur."

So can we get an accurate prediction for when Kimkins.com will close?

And lastly:
"Free will means that our lives are based off of the choices we make...and yes, impacted by the choices and actions of others as well."

Singing Lass might want to consider where her "free will" is presently leading her.

ETA: Thanks to MrsM for the LittleSina tip!
(see comment on my earlier post)


Anonymous said...

wowza! Maybe we can hire her to find out who Ducky is!!!! :)


mariasol said...

DivaDi - That's a great idea!
I was just reading the testimonials on SL's psychic page, and according to those, she is very accurate. LOL!

MrsMenopausal said...

When she's done finding Ducky perhaps she can locate the missing mates to all those socks on KK (if she isn't currently using them herself, that is).
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mariasol said...

MrsM - Socks? Hmm, that would work. SL does her "reading" via IM and the socks know how to type.

And shame on me; I did not have you on my blog roll. Great blog! Very on topic.

MrsMenopausal said...

LOL. Psychic socks.
Thanks for the compliment about my blog and for adding me to your blog roll. :)

2BIG said...

Isn't it strange Sl's sock puppet questioned Sl's singing ability, her looks, her boss, and her family lineage. makes you wonder what SL was really trying to do.

Oh and tracking software has been found on the AOL page so please clear your tracking cookies if you wnet there.

Yust Yucky said...

Could that baby be SL's sister's baby?

By the way, Mrs.M, outstanding job!!!!! Very cool indeed.

Medusa said...

Mariasol, what a great post! ROFLMAO! Great catch, MrsM!

That SL...doesn't she think she's the cat's meow? Kinda sounds like one too.

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Yucky said...

Just curious, what does this mean?
(Warning: Do not click on the AOL link. IP tracker on the site)

Is this the same sort of thing that Heidi put on the Kimkins site?

What exactly does it do?

Thanks, and btw great post!

mariasol said...

Yucky - It is said that SL has Statcounter on the site so she will see incoming IP and where they came from. The warning was mainly aimed towards KK members as she then can match that IP to posts on KK and perhaps ban them on those grounds.

Yucky said...

oh! Ok thanks for this info.

Stephanie said...

It's unfortunate that companies like this are scamming people. I think it makes it much more difficult for other companies that are legitimate and are not an fraudulant. I praise this site for exposing Kimkins.

Anonymous said...

I got an email reading from "Del" via the AOL chat rooms years back and surprised I came across she is still doing readings, let alone making so much money off of them! She was TOTALLY inaccurate and just plain wrong with what she said. Looking back, she took what I said and fed it back to me. I think she is a huge fake!