Friday, April 11, 2008

Faux Dieting

After having lectured us how to count calories from lettuce, Kimmer is now telling us how we fool ourselves when trying to lose weight. I'm sure she knows a lot about it. It is also obvious that she doesn't follow her own advice.

Every single point she brings up targets the guilt of overweight persons, hoping that they will come running to kimkins.con for a quick fix.

Some of her tips:

"I've never saved calories or carbs from meals so I can drink alcohol later."
Why not just skip the meal and head directly for the booze and a box of sugar cookies?

"I don't confuse 15 carbs from high nutrient veggies with 15 carbs from sugar free chocolate candies."
Sugar free candies? What about the sugar cookies?

"I always make a whole hearted full time 100% commitment to my weight loss plan."
Huh? Since when? Why the need for a "no cheat" pinky swear challenge?

"How quick are you to forgive yourself for a relapse? We're all too quick to gloss it over."
Forgive yourself? Reinforcing the guilt again.

""Well, I tried." Yep, you tried. You've been trying for years, what else is new? When are you going to suck it up and finally do it? If you can't be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with? Think about it."
Did she type this stuff with a straight face?

"It boggles the mind to hear the excuses we give ourselves for remaining fat and undisciplined. What's even scarier is that we're believing it!"
Undisciplined? Heaping on more guilt.

"What's wrong with showing your kids some self restraint and making healthy choices?"
What's wrong? Look at the pictures of a "healthy" Kimkins meal. Is this how you want your kids see you eating? And of course, the "self restraint" is playing on the guilt again.

"Ask your grandmother if she's going to pay for your insulin when you develop obesity induced diabetes. Hopefully she can explain to your kids why you couldn't get life insurance with a BMI of 43 and died prematurely due to heart disease. Obesity related, of course."
Not enough guilt yet? Let's try scare tactics.

Article "credits" go to Article Scrub. Please head over there and tell them what you think of the article.


MrsMenopausal said...

You have to admire Heidi's gall. I mean come on, after not losing weight on her own diet, fabricating elaborate stories about her life and weight loss adventures, making up success stories, using 5-finger-discounted Russian Bride pictures, and involved in an ongoing investigation and lawsuit, who else would dare to write a piece like this?

Maybe we're all wrong and Heidi really did lose all that weight and the scales are just reflecting the burden of carrying what surely must be the world's biggest brass ones.

Medusa said...

Kimmer's comments go way beyond the pale. I became so enraged reading her scandalous drivel, I had to walk away from my keyboard.

She is not a sociopath. IMO, she's a full-blown psychotic.

Thanks, Mariasol, for keeping tabs on Heidi's continued demoralization of overweight people and her unrelenting flogging of her deadly starvation diet.

mariasol said...

Medusa - I had the same problem. This article made me speechless, but I worried how it would look to anyone happily ignorant about the entire kimkins debacle. Hopefully my post will be picked up by search engines so even if poorly written, not all of the "faux diet" articles will be pro-kimkins.

I think we need to ask MrsM to write a post about it. She seems to have a way with words :)

MrsMenopausal said...

Would you like that with typos(as in my comment above)or without? 0;-)

It really is sickening to read something like that from her. Hopefully there's enough information out there to counteract it and that some will be directed to your post instead.