Monday, December 17, 2007

Chicken, chicken and more chicken

Kimkins Exhausted has posted the menu plan for the Magic Chicken Diet. It doesn't look good to me, even if you like chicken.

Let's take a look at the first day's menu:

Breakfast: 4 chicken strips
Snack: 1 cheese stick
Lunch: Grilled chicken salad from Sonic (onion ring removed)
Snack: 5 strawberries and Diet Jello
Dinner: Grilled chicken filet and steamed broccoli
Snack: Diet Jello

In the text under the menu, it is recommended to keep calories between 800 and 1200. I can not get the above menu to even reach 800.

My total is 712 calories with 24 grams fat, 22 grams carbs and 106 grams protein. I initially had a pat of butter in there but had to take it out as I otherwise would have exceeded the 25 gram fat maximum.

Other words of wisdom from the chicken lady:

  • If you want to lose a little faster just cut out a serving of veggies or the fruit for a couple of days.
  • Try to drink between 80 to 100 ounces of water a day. I have not myself but it is better for you if you can. I always drink Crystal Light, Tea with Splenda and Diet Drinks.
  • You can get Crystal Light Slurpees at most 7-11 or RaceTrac but also you can make your own.
  • Sugar Free Jello is a great snack and only 10 calories. Try all the different flavors and get creative and come up with your own blends.
  • I don’t eat any of the dressing but if you need it get the spray dressing at the store that is only like 10 calories a spray.
  • Once a month I treat myself to a nonfat yogurt twist from Costco they are great but just do it once a month because it does have carbs.
  • I never did through any of my weight loss exercise except for my normal route selling of candles. I do realize that I need to start now so that I can tone up, but it is not necessary.
And this is from someone who claims to never have heard about Kimkins.


OhYeahBabe said...

You're right, there are some similarities to the Kimkins Diet!

BamaGal said...

That looks like the Kimkins Diet to me. she even talks about no exercise and the salad sprays.

mariasol said...

That's the thing. It's not only the menu that could pass for kimkins, it's all the guidelines that go with it.

Medusa said...

Just the thought of eating all that chicken makes me feel right queasy. Yuck!

Just posted a link on my blog to your post. Great work, Mariasol!