Monday, December 10, 2007

Kimkins Affiliates Not Paid!?

Despite ongoing litigation where a class action suit against Kimmer and kimkins has frozen Heidi Diaz PayPal and bank accounts, kimkins.con is still trying to get new affiliates to sign up:

"Kimkins is proud to announce a very generous 25% commission on all sales! Payout is monthly by the 5rd of each month".

There is a rumor that there was NO payout on December 5th! With the PayPal account not being available and bank accounts frozen, there might not be any funds for affiliates. Is she using the excuse of having her car repossessed (that she paid for in cash) and that she can't even use her ATM card to buy milk (which is not on the kimkins diet btw).

For the affiliates that didn't severe ties with kimkins due to the fraud and dangerous diet advice, perhaps the lack of payment will do the trick.


OhYeahBabe said...

That is so devious, recruiting people to shill for a site that is going to tank, knowing she will not be able to pay them! Kimkins can’t sink fast enough.

Diane said...

Why anyone would still be pushing the Kimkins Diet is beyond me....

Hopefully the lack of getting paid will do the trick.