Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kimkins - Who is this woman?

This was the first "after" picture Kimmer put up on Kimkins claiming it was her.

We know it's not Kimmer/Heidi Diaz, as she looks like this:

But who is it? This picture came up around July 2006, well before the "Russian bride" in red dress and the "Russian bride" success stories.

If you recognize this picture, please leave a comment.

While it is of little importance who it is or where Heidi stole the photo, curious minds want to solve this mystery also.


Laura said...

Thank you for posting this, Marisol.

Actually, this search is more than just for the curious.

How would you feel to know that someone has "borrowed" your picture to perpetuate their scam?

If it were my picture, I would greatly appreciate someone letting me know about it before I get approached at the mall by some angry banned member.

What if this were your sister's (or mother's or wife's or best friend's) picture? How would you feel about it?

It just makes me cringe to even think about it.

Medusa said...

Hi, Mariasol!

Hopefully, with all of us bloggers posting this photo, the mystery of who this woman is will be solved. We know for sure it isn't Heidi :^)

mariasol said...

Laura - You are so right! I was thinking along the same lines with regards to the earlier fake success stories as those seemed to be "regular" people, no doubt stolen from blogs or myspace. The "patio" picture looks professional to me, but you are right that the same concern is valid.