Friday, December 14, 2007

Watch Us Lose - Not!

Jumping ship from the Kimtanic into the Camp Fire

When Kimmer had to remove the fake success stories from the kimkins front page, she instead put up pictures of four people that were starting out: "Watch us lose in real time."

Kimmer was one of them, after having admitted to not being the 118 lbs lady in red. Of course, she could still not post an accurate picture of herself, but that's another story.

SingingLass was another, with her 100 lbs loss in some unspecified time period.

The remaining two were a couple, Brian and Heather, recruited by Tippy Toes.

However, when Flippy Tripsy abandoned ship and started a camp, Brian and Heather followed. Brian is the webmaster for Tripsy's new home, The Campfire at Camp Carb Away. Believe me, Tripsy can use Brian's help. I have never known another person so unable to learn even the most basic computer tasks. Reports from inside the camp confirm that she has not improved.

With Brian and Heather gone (that actually seemed to lose some weight) the progress of the "Watch us lose" figures on kimkins is a sorry sight. Kimmer herself is losing 1 - 2 pounds per week (what happened with "turbo loss", "no faster diet, none"?) and SingingLass seems to be at a complete standstill.

While there are still many "articals" on the web directing unsuspecting victims to kimkins, it is doubtful that anybody would actually sign up after looking at the front page. With the loss of the pretty Russian girls and just a stretched photo of Kimmer and a still overweight SingingLass, the site does no longer suggest "fast and easy" weight loss.


OhYeahBabe said...

I know where B&H are not! Kimkins! Sad that the people apparently actual success are gone now.

Yuckyyuck said...

Have B&H posted publicly why they left Kimkins? etc.


mariasol said...

yuck - I am banned from Kimkins and did not get to go to Camp, so I have no idea. However, on Brian's blog, he has this comment recent comment:

(Edited Note: Sun Dec 2 - Due to some legal proceedings at Kimkins I do not recommend joining there at this time. Want info e-mail me.)

But the affiliate link directly above his comment is still alive:

If you need to loose weight I highly recommend that you try Kimkins out. If you decide to buy the program link from here and we get $15 for you joining.

Anonymous said...

The new, improved Kimkins front page is truly laughable. How humiliating for Heidi, who can't even stick to her own pathetic diet.

Medusa said...

Mariasol, you truly have THE BEST sources.

Great post! I've linked to it in my blog.

Looking forward to more updates on our little camp-followers, Brian and Heather. said...

thank you for posting the explanation about Kimmer and the front page of