Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kimmer - How's that kimkins diet working for you?

Not too good, it seems. These are Kimmer's weight losses for the 6 weeks she has been on the diet:
317 - 308 - 294 - 289 -287 - 286

Just one pound last week? How can that be the promised "turbo speed"?

How is that any different than:
"Millions of overweight people think fast, permanent weight loss is completely out of their reach. They've been told their entire lives they should be happy with slow 1-2 lb a week weight loss. How depressing and untrue!"

Now, when Kimmer is finally trying her own diet, she gets the same results as other people following her plan. In her answers to them, she has given "advice" along the lines:

  • There are no stalls. If you stall you are cheating. Or, in her own words: "I find it hard to believe that some people consider a “stall” to be no weight loss for 4 weeks! Yikes! After just 4 days I'd be demanding a Congressional investigation! There is absolutely no reason, none, to "stall" unless you want to."
  • If you don't lose 4 - 5 pounds per week, you are cheating.
  • Cut out calories, even if you are presently eating less than 500 cals per day. There is no such thing as "starvation mode".
  • Go back to basics; egg whites and not more than 3 oz chicken breast per meal.
  • Try the 400 cals shake option.

I wonder which of these options Kimmer is trying for herself. Is she calling herself weak and a sissy, as she did to others? Not tought enough to stick to the diet? No, it seems that she is blaming the lack of weight loss on a medication. How come this is a valid excuse for The Kimmer when it was not accepted as one for all the people she doled out "advice" to? From what Kimmer said, over and over again, the one and only reason you did not lose was that you were eating too much.

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