Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tippy: We forgive you. Now, go away!

Tipsy put up a blog yesterday. She briefly had one post up, but quickly removed it. You can read it in full on Medusa's blog.

I have no idea what the purpose was with Tippy's post. She is just telling us how great kimkins is and then going on a rant of how she was misunderstood and mistreated at LCF.

I wasn’t going to comment on Tipsy’s senseless rambling, but there was such a great post made by Michele yesterday on LCF that I wanted to repeat it here.

Michele responded to where she was mentioned by Tippy in reference to a MINOR disagreement 18 MONTHS AGO:

Tippy: One post I read was from Michele. She seemed really happy for those of us losing so well on Kimkins but she said she had tried Kimkins and it never worked for her. I was rather surprised to read that as she was the first person ever to say it didn't work. So I posted, telling her that a few of us were doing well with it and would she like to try it again? Big mistake for me. Michele was offended, thinking my post somehow implied she didn't know HOW to do Kimkins.

Michele (posting on LCF): Right on. Let me stand up and take a bow......I'm the Michele she speaks of. Funny, I haven't even been following this thread in over a month, and I don't mention Jeannie (Tippy Toes) when I post, and I have never been a member of Kimkins; however, TT cannot make a blog without mentioning my name in it? WTH Come on, Jeannie, get a life, will ya. I have long since been done with that old post and you said your peace to me and I to you, so why do YOU keep bringing it up every chance you get? Please move on.

I agree with Michele. Get over it and move on!

[I forgive you. Now, go away. Borrowed from Dottie.]


OhYeahBabe said...

Here is a song to go with the picture.

mariasol said...

Very fitting lyrics :) Have to wiat to listen until I come home.