Saturday, December 22, 2007

$19.95 Camp Fee

Camp Carbaway announced:

"Our plan is to go "Public" on Jan 1 2008. Starting on that day new members will be asked to pay a registration fee of $19.95."

"There will not be any more approval process in the new system. Anyone can pay the $19.95 and join. This may cause issues, but we are ready to deal with those."

That's cool. Really. It's a free country. You want to charge money for providing a member board and you can find people that are willing to pay, that's perfectly fine.

But what does "public" mean? To me, FREE boards like LCF and ALC are public boards as they are open to read without membership. You have to register to post, but registration is FREE for anybody.

If you have to pay a membership fee to join, and the board is unaccessible to the public, it is a "private" board. Just removing the 3rd degree entrance interrogation doesn't make it "public".

But WHO is going to join and pay the membership fee? There has been no marketing of this website and the poorly designed front page has no information whatsoever what I would receive for my $19.95.

Clearly the Headmistress aka Pocahontas aka Tippy Toes believes that her reputation on the FREE boards will make people come running to join, just so that they can chit chat with Tippy on the board.

Think again.

And Tippy, your blog is not really helping with promoting you as a caring and loving person.

While Tippy needs this board as she is not welcome anywhere else, I can't see that is serves any purpose for other people, except perhaps for the few people that have already joined. The indirect "marketing" has seemingly targeted Tippy's "kimkinettes" and kimkins followers on LCF that want to escape the "haters".

Tippy is reinforcing the "US" versus "THEM" by suggesting that former kimkins members are not welcomed on other boards. In her own words:

"don't make them feel they have leprosy because of their dieting preference"

"I am so sorry we all have to feel the pressure of letting the public in. But here is the deal. If they are really ugly we will remove them from Camp. If they want to pay $20 to come back and be ugly again, we will repeat this process. We don't have to put up with the badgering nor will we. Eventually they will give up and leave us in peace. Or they can go broke trying to get the last jabs in.

I know it feels like a battleground. Here we are, armed and ready and KNOWING the opposing forces are closer... We will win. Please, please don't worry. It won't take long at all. And I appreciate that so many of you are concerned for me. I'll be OK. The way I see it is this: The best present LCF ever gave me was the ban button. Just look at where that has led us all! Right here to Camp where people are actually NICE, CARING and have COMPASSION for one another."

LCF and ALC are big boards, and there are many, many threads supporting all different types of "dieting preferences." That doesn't mean that concerned members would not speak up if they see a newbie eating dangerously low calories. But isn't that what Tippy is trying to do on her board as well? So what's the difference? $19.95 will not buy me anything that the FREE boards do not give me.

Kimorexia has some really good advice on what to look for when choosing a diet forum.

Grilled Cheese.... discusses the Camp.


OhYeahBabe said...

Thanks for the link, Mariasol.

I can't really understand people paying to join that site, with so very little to offer.

One of the scariest parts of keeping support behind closed doors is that you lose the checks and balances of having knowledgable people able to read & comment when bad advice is being given. It's a little scary, especially given the lack of medical knowledge available within that site.


Stop the fraud! If you were a member of Kimkins, join the Kimkins diet lawsuit! Here is how to join the Kimkins lawsuit.

Tippy Toes Blog said...

To this day I do not know what drives you. Even after the problems with banta you were one of the first ones to tell me it would blow over. Then it doesn't and suddenly you seem to feel it is your duty to lead the pack to attack me. Are you so insecure in your personal life that you need your internet buddies to feel important? That you would turn a blind eye for the sake of friendship even though you clearly said you knew better? I always found it odd that a tiny person like yourself would need to join a diet support website. You never had a weight problem. Do you feel superior for being so thin? And when you belittle others does it make you feel younger--like high school? Were you a bully in high school? Did your integrity change like the wind then too? Now I am not trying to attack or belittle you. I am merely asking you a single question and I want a single, straight up answer. Please do not dance around it with answers in general. Be very specific. Tell me why you changed your mind and decided to hate me. If I did something specifically to you then say so. Don't say you heard this or that from whoever. No gossip. Be straight up.

And for ohyeahbabe, let me tell you, we consider ourselves to be knowledgable people at camp carbaway. Personally I have almost 4 years experience of low carbing and a lifetime of dieting and obesity. I have seen and done a lot of diets and I can help a lot of people. And news flash to you... Don't ever trust what people on the internet tell you about any given subject--particulary your health. Always ask your Doctor. Not your internet diet buddies. I don't care how great and knowledgable you think the site is. That is crazy.

What we offer that makes camp carbaway better is simple. We won't try to sell you low carb products because we know you can't lose weight on most if not all of them. We offer honesty and that puts us in front of more than one website. We offer unconditional support for all diets. We will always help those struggling no matter if they struggle with too much or too little foods/calories. And because we are small we can reach more people directly. We have not closed our doors. Anyone can join. Yes you have to pay a fee because we are not selling any products. It takes more money than you think to operate a website.

mariasol said...

Hi Tippy Toes Blog! Thanks for stopping by.

There are more than one question in your comments, but from what I understand, you just want an answer to one of them:
"Tell me why you changed your mind and decided to hate me."

I do not hate YOU, I hate what you DID. You didn't go to Kimkins in good faith. Enough things had already been revealed at the time so you knew that it was a scam and that kimmer is a fraud.

As far as "attacking" you, notice that you are not even mentioned on this blog until after you had banned me.

OhYeahBabe said...

I've driven a car for over 20 years. That doesn't make me a mechanic.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Friends don't let friends do the Kimkins Diet!

YustYucky said...

Typo Toes,
Are you so insecure in YOUR personal life because you know -- what we all know -- that you don't have any internet buddies, ethernet buddies, clarinet buddies, kitchenette buddies, or for that matter any hairnet buddies to make you feel important, to distract you from the blindingly obvious fact that you are NOT important, that you are in fact irrelevant to everything & everyone who did or does or will endure the nonevent of being insulted by you, abused by you, envied by you, deceived by you, misunderstood by you, bullied by you, banned by you, lied to by you, cheated by you, betrayed by you, berated by you, and semi-metaphorically farted upon by you.

Straight up, Jeannie -- it takes more soul than than you possess to live a life worth living.