Monday, December 31, 2007

What the Mike&Juliet Show didn't tell you about Kimkins

You might have seen the re-run of the Mike&Juliet show yesterday, featuring the Kimkins diet scam (links at the end of this post). They showed that the diet is nutritionally deficient and that the founder, Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz, lied about her alleged weight loss. Heidi Diaz claimed to have lost 198 pounds in one year and maintained a svelte 118 lbs for over 5 years. That was a LIE. Heidi never lost the weight and is still obese.

But the former admins Christin and Deni lost the weight, didn't they? Yes, that is true, but at what cost? I can not speak for them but I suggest that you visit their blogs and read for yourself. Was it worth it?

Jeannie lost the weight, didn't she? Yes, but from most accounts (the original ones from Jeannie herself) she lost the weight on Atkins and never did Kimkins as written. Besides, Jeannie is no longer with Kimkins. She was banned shortly after the show. While the circumstances are not completely clear, they might have to do with the fact that Heidi Diaz' assets were frozen due to a class action law suit against Kimkins, and Jeannie would not longer be paid.

So how come Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz was not on the show? Actually, that very day she had to make a deposition in California for a class action lawsuit against her and Kimkins. Not that she likely would have volunteered to show herself on national television. She claims to be shy, but perhaps it has more to do with the fact that she is not the 118 lbs she has claimed during the last 5 years.

Another fact the show failed to address is banning of Lifetime members without reasonable cause. Hundreds, if not thousands, have been banned from Kimkins. Some of them had questions or opinions that were deemed "unacceptable" by the admin. Others, like me, did not post anything at all on Kimkins but were subjected to disapproval by an admin that knew us from other boards.

If you are not put off by the dangers of a starvation diet, and what it can do to your long term health, you might want to consider the risk of just wasting your money. The $59.95 "Lifetime membership" fee might end up just buying you aggravation. It can be terminated at a whim by a site admin, and you have nowhere to complain. It is sold as "electronic media" and is "non-refundable." It's an internet business and emails to the site owner get no answer. Your only recourse is to join the class action lawsuit.

But think about it; why would there even be a class action lawsuit unless a large number of people were defrauded? I was banned, and many others were too. Don't make the same mistake. It's just money wasted.

Find one of the FREE sites with excellent diet support. My two favorite places are ALC and LCF, but there are many others available.

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Medusa said...

Excellent post, Mariasol!

It's really unfortunate that the Mike & Juliet Show didn't provide an update on Jeannie Baitinger leaving Kimkins, the bannings at Kimkins, as well as the civil lawsuit.

Thanks for warning others of the dangers of the nutritionally deficient Kimkins diet and the scam perpetrated by Heidi Diaz/Kimmer.

Anonymous said...

They didn't tell you about Heidi desperately trying to divest herself of money prior to the deposition (on the same day). They didn't mention the new house, the 2 new cars, the huge payments to the IRS and the Franchise board. So the freeze on her assets came too late for the suit to recover the majority of the money. How about ripping off the scammed TWICE!Wonder if the judge will be indignant as well?

Kat said...

I have faith in people and I know that there are a lot of people out there that will do the research and find the horrors of the Kimkins diet, the bannings of "lifetime" members for now reason other than to take their money from them, the no feedback from Kimmer herself on the site as promised and the dangers of the starvation diet that Kimmer (Heidi K. Diaz), who never even lost the weight herself, promotes. Ban Kimkins in 2008 and find a free and safe diet site to support your weight loss efforts in 2008. The year you will succeed WITHOUT Kimkins starvation diet!

2BIG4MYSIZE said...

great post. thanks for informing those searching about and Kimmer that rapid weightloss isn't all that it appears to be. Use a safer slower plan so you can live to enjoy being at goal weight.

OhYeahBabe said...

Great post, Mariasol, thank you!

Considering the Kimkins diet? Read this first: Kimkins Diet Scam Update.

Kimkins members may join the Kimkins lawsuit! Here is a video that explains how easy it is to join the Kimkins lawsuit.

Antonio at Yucky's said...

Hey the more people she bans, the more chance there'll be more class action lawsuits snowballing in her direction.

Anonymous said...
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