Monday, December 17, 2007

The Chicken Diet is Magically Revived

Perhaps it was just a simple matter of paying GoDaddy's bill after all.

So what about Kimmer having the site shut down for being a Kimkins clone? We know not to trust anything that Heidi, the Lying Liar that Lies, says but what about the son in law?

Perhaps it wasn't the son in law. Anybody can make a blog comment using whatever name he/she chooses.


OhYeahBabe said...

If the magic chicken site is for real, they'd do well to make it as much unlike the Kimkins Diet as they can get it!

mariasol said...

I agree. The chicken people claim they didn't know anything about Kimkins but they do now and I hope they make sure to avoid getting into trouble by selling another starvation diet.
Perhaps while reading about Kimkins they can pick up some knowledge about healthy fats.

Avenue Girl said...

You may have a point there. Knowing what I know now I wouldn't put it past Heidi to pull a fast one like that.